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Managing today’s healthcare organization efficiently is a difficult challenge. In hospitals, time is truly of the essence. Healthcare facilities rely on the accuracy of clocks to know when to check on patients, examine lab results and administer medicine. Time-related problems can also lead to liabilities you can’t afford to risk.

Implementation of cost-effective time management solutions, at the same time ensuring effective management and optimization of employees working hours are a major requirement in the Healthcare sector. Complex legal and scheduling policies involve substantial efforts for your administration to plan and calculate employee working times. TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance solution provides the adequate application to master the nuances of this challenge.

TimeCheck for Healthcare industry has been designed to help healthcare organizations meet these challenges. TimeCheck offers a fully integrated workforce management solution that helps healthcare organizations to control labour costs, mitigate compliance risk and increase employee productivity.

TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance Solutions is suitable for any Healthcare organization to manage the time of employees. With TimeCheck you can effectively manage attendance data of multiple units, multiple departments from an single location which simplifies the time-consuming in routine of processing attendance data by reducing administration time and associated costs.

Solution Offerings

  • Organization Management feature to define organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department, etc.
  • Group multiple companies and manage their organization level hierarchy efficiently and effortlessly
  • Each company users will be segregated and controlled by User Group module
  • Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases, an option for processing real-time data from terminals across the organization including remote locations
  • Compatible with most Biometric terminals and Facial Recognition devices
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to assign shifts for a complex and huge employee base with just a single click
  • Using Shift Exchange feature to swap the shift between two employees in a much simpler way
  • Map leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with the employee in a much easier way
  • Easy import option for importing employee data profile into the application without tedious manual data entry
  • Year Closure feature to carry forward the leave balances to the next year
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis

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