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Construction Industry

Employee time and attendance tracking software is the next generation system that helps construction companies to automatically track and compute the labour data. One of the most important functions it has for the industry is to log employee hours each day and make the time collection process much smoother.Manual time-tracking methods like punch clocks and paper time sheets are far from perfect; today technology allows you to keep track of your remote workforce in real time.

Construction companies that look for ways to cut cost can adopt a complete time and attendance system which would easily integrate smoothly with payroll system. In construction companies, the greatest challenge is the task of tracking the employee timings, when there are numerous job locations, documenting the billable hours by excluding the break timings of the employee in the job locations/sights.

By installing Timecheck Attendance Software you can facilitate every individual worker to do the punch in the Job location / Sights and get the time & attendance details at the Head office. You can allocate one worker to multiple job locations and provide him the facility to enroll the works from any of the respective job locations/ sights. You can also allow an employee to work few hours in one job location and switch to another job location for doing the remaining hours work. Whatever the case may be Every data are reported, for example if an employee is found taking multiple breaks or more than the break limit, doing overtime work in one particular job location / sight then the OT calculation will be taken from the respective location during report generation.

To know more about our Time & Attendance management contact us today. Read Timecheck’s plethora of features and make the best use of it for your industry.