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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Punctual and accurate delivery are essential factors in the Transportation & Logistics sector. 24 hours a day your employees ensure dependability and on-time deliveries and latest information technologies assist you in managing your daily routine tasks. Our customized Time & Attendance solutions are targeted to your specific requirements. Many companies in the transports and logistics sector successfully have our solutions installed, provides proof of our domain expertise.

The largest operating costs that transportation companies have result from the management, scheduling, and administration of the labour workforce. By reducing labour costs even fractionally, transportation & logistics companies are able to realize tremendous improvements to profitability.

When it comes to Shift & Overtime Management, TimeCheck deliver world-class business process optimization and best practices, to help you eradicate inefficient paper-based processes. Whether you implement one module at a time, multiple modules or our complete Workforce Management suite gives you better business information for effective decision-making, improved profitability and overall operational efficiency.

TimeCheck can be used by any Transportation & Logistics company where process timing is plays a vital role on each and every process of the business which indirectly holds employee timings on each process. By implementing the TimeCheck application, the system manages Time and Attendance of employees efficiently and effortlessly.

Solution Offerings

  • Web-based access provides seamless connectivity to all service hubs and remote stations
  • Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases, an option for processing real-time data from terminals across the organization including remote locations.
  • Compatible with most Biometric terminals and Facial Recognition devices
  • Access to frequent administrative processes such as leave requests, shift and schedule management
  • Scheduling functionality such as shift allocation and staff scheduling allowing optimal scheduling and utilization of workforce
  • Using Shift Exchange feature, you can swap the shift between two employees in a much simpler way
  • Assign and rotate shifts for any number of employees to reduce the amount of physical paperwork normally encountered during Shift Allocation
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming manual tracking and reconciliation
  • Provides accurate, real-time processing of Attendance information and Overtime data
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis

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