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Banking Sector

Banking Sector

With distributed employees across locations and even states, banks need to be able to quickly summarize and analyze employee information to make staffing, scheduling and leave management decisions. Pay, Overtime and Holiday reports are also critical. No matter if it′s small retail branch or large corporate banking institute, safety and security is always a concern of any customer. To have satisfied clients Banks look ahead for a technological Time & Attendance software product that is highly reliable, easy to use and capable to connect all their branches.

Clients participation becomes the key for Banking sector and TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance solutions for banking vertical comes in an effort to provide a unique client experience that focuses on improving the relationship with their bankers. Our solutions are tailor-made to meet the standards of the banking firm and to provide the best Time & Attendance system in practice.

TimeCheck can be used by any Banking organization that requires a streamlined system that saves supervisors the time of gathering, collating and sending this information using less efficient methods like paper timesheets. TimeCheck offers a comprehensive Time & Attendance solution that will meet the challenges of every bank.

TimeCheck′s advanced Time & Attendance solutions are a range of intelligently designed services to meet all the critical requirements of Banking industry. TimeCheck offers Time & Attendance solutions for retail, corporate banks and financial institutes. TimeCheck supports Banking sector to meet their demand of access control, time management, multi-site connectivity, centralized report, leave management, and holiday management.

Solution Offerings

  • Ease of installation and integration with Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Biometric & RFID devices and Smartcard terminals
  • Effective Discrepancy Management for missed out / odd punches
  • Other Swipes report to take all the employees for the required duration which is outstanding from normal IN / OUT
  • Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases, an option for processing real-time data from terminals across the organization including remote locations
  • Managing of various organization level like Bank, region, branch and department.
  • Efficient shift allocation to employees
  • Accurate worked hours tracking which helps to minimize OT and costs associated with unplanned absenteeism and leave analysis
  • Standard reports for Time & Attendance such as Online Leave Application & Approval, Online Permission Application & Approval, etc.
  • Year Closure feature to carry forward the leave balances to next year
  • Audit Trial Handling and Manual Time Entry options
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis
  • Manage attendance and leave policies of the Bank employees more efficiently
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via the web

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