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IT Industry

With Simple Employee Attendance tracking system firms can reduce administration time and boost productivity. Today, everyone has realized that manual time tracking methods won’t work anymore. Especially for IT companies which used to serve clients 24X7 timing attendance tracking software should facilitate admin to accurately track time and facilitate them to avoid discrepancies fastly & simply. By keeping track of employee time & attendance IT firms can save time as well reduce time theft.

We all know IT based Industry used to have shifts and they will also have the huge employee strength, hence allocating appropriate shifts and managing work hours, monitoring time outside the office must be registered accurately and reported appropriately for payroll compensation. To overcome the challenges of this IT industry, TimeCheck, time & attendance tracking software is developed with wide-range of modules to manage complex work time calculation set -up. Moreover Floor/Bay accessing control enables the firm to prevent unauthorized access and track employee presence in the building floors.

Even if employees are spread across multiple offices you can configure centralized administrative feature and manage from any of your preferred location. With various filters options being available at the database employers can get any insight data and other information that are vital for making critical decisions.

TimeCheck’s fingerprint attendance software acts as an impartial judge that can capture multiple breaks more that allowed and keep control on compliance risks that reduce payroll cost. To know more about our Time & Attendance tracking solution offerings and make the best use of it for your industry contact us.