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Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

In this modern era, every parent deserves to be closely connected to their school going children every day even if they working in a different place. More parents are concerned when children are entering and leaving the school. And educational institutions are increasingly find it difficult to manage children if they are absent or leaving the school premises.

Especially student & staff management for educational institutions can be complex – tracking and reporting student′s / staff attendance, managing multiple facilities, paying teachers and ensuring compliance with regulations can be a daunting task. TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance solutions make the process easy by automating processes and synchronizing employee information with payroll systems. Automate leave policies, Weekly Off eligibility and ensure proper overtime hours by using TimeCheck′s powerful student and staff time & attendance software.

TimeCheck can be used by any Educational Institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Institutes, etc. The system keeps institutions fully informed of all student and staff attendances. It also helps the institution to reduce administration time and associated costs.

Solution Offerings

  • Know students who are present in the classroom with just click of a button
  • Effective Student / Staff Management to configure and manage both Student and Staff personal & official details
  • Mapping of leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with particular Staff / Student
  • Easy import option for importing student & staff data profile into the application without tedious manual data entry
  • Flexibility to define Global Holidays and Restricted Holidays
  • Instantly updates Attendance System with who are all present and absent
  • Each classroom can find out easily who are present
  • Effective Leaves & Permissions management
  • Student / Staff can login & submit their leave (or) permission requests through online application
  • Authorized privileges to forward, approve and reject leave / permission requests
  • Automatic email alerts with the appropriate status will be triggered for the student (or) staff personnel who applied for leave / permission
  • Extensive reports with various filtering options for better insights and in-depth analysis
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via the web

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