How does a time & attendance system add value to your business?

In today’s time HR managers face many challenges & to be successful they have to invest in technology that would benefit then in numerous ways. For example, investing in Time and Attendance System would let HR to save a substantial amount of time and effort.  To be cost effective Time and attendance software should go beyond just tracking employee clock-in and clock-out hours.

Businesses with Remote Workforce

With Timecheck Time & Attendance Management Software on premises HR managers can meetup the challenge in maintaining today’s workforce. Even businesses that have mobile employees can make use of geo technology in this mobile compatible application & log their attendance for tracking the exact locations where they start and end their shifts.

Businesses with Flexi time

In organisations where employers are paying their employees for the actual time they work, the biggest benefit with this time tracking system is the ability for a manager or supervisor to view outcomes of overtime, comp off works done & then either approve or deny. Employers by tracking early exist, late entry, consolidated work hrs shortage in real time can reduce payroll cost.

Businesses with Swift Rostering

The biggest benefit with this digital time tracking system is the feature to let employees handle many time-tracking tasks on their own. It removes some of the burdens that commonly get placed on HR departments for example doing swift rostering based on employee preference & business need. Helps eliminate administrative task.

If you want to replace your paper-based timesheets with appropriate attendance management software contact us. We will help you automate & centrally manage the attendance system as well keep you informed of blockages that have an impact on the organization’s performance and productivity.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Organisations around the world are quickly replacing outdated systems, going for modern attendance tracking with software driven biometric time & attendance systems, chiefly owing to the benefits of the versatile system.

Speeding Up The Clocking Process

This technology based system is an advanced tracking software which helps business in saving time in clocking and the money lost due to payroll discrepancies. The biometric fingerprint system benefits the employees in many ways. The employee benefits from the short time to it takes to scan the fingerprint and automatically log in, without any line-ups of employees, to slow down the process.

Prevents Time Theft & Payment Discrepancies

It also prevents time stealing and buddy punching, to encourage honest conduct. As time discrepancies are nullified, employees who have worked on statutory holidays, get their overtime payments accordingly and fairly. The biometric system also helps organisations to operate from different locations, over different industries thereby helping to streamline payment disbursement.

Use of Mobile Applications

The system can be adapted to be used via mobile applications, enabling time tracking of mobile employees on-the-go for work, using their smartphones or tablets. A dedicated app built for the organisation will do the job easily for employees operating from different locations.

Expandable Software System

The fingerprint attendance software integrated to the biometric attendance system is capable of handling multiple shifts and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace-time, break time, off-day, etc. This software system is also scalable, as well as supportive to attendance policy changes envisaged in future. The system will also support a self-service portal for employees’ use and for administrative ease.

Therefore, a software system such as TimeCheck will help any organisation, or business, to maximise productivity of employees and supporting payrolls of the organisation with multiple locations. Get more info about this effective time and attendance software solutions at our website (or) you can also request a demo. Please leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.

Best Practices of Shift Swapping with Attendance Software

In some businesses and organisations workers take to shift swapping more often than not. It is a common practice found in restaurants and retail stores as employees have many reasons for shift swapping, which includes family mattes, medical or personal reasons. Shifts fall at any time of the day, or week, depending on the nature of the job and employees frequently seek help of co-workers to cover their shift time.

The Common Issue of Shift Swapping

This shift swapping can cause problems for either management or employees, or both. Sometimes an issue may arise, when there is no manager to approve the swap. Or by wrong communication an employee may think his/her shift has been covered. Without an efficient shift scheduling software, it is very difficult for an employee to find someone to shift swap. Managers may not find time in their busy schedule to take care of a shift swap. If the shift swap is recorded manually, it might be difficult to find who is accountable.

Accountability for Shift Swaps

The shift pattern software with the facility of shift swapping enables the employee to electronically make the shift swap. Concerned employees in the swap must be agreeable to the change to eliminate any further confusion. The software will bring this to the notice of the manager who only needs to click – OK, to approve it. If anyone misses the shift agreed in the swap, management has a trail to follow and know who is accountable.

Retrievable Records

A shift management software solution like TimeCheck enables employees to change their shifts and attend to other obligations. If the software is integrated to a mobile application, the employee can access the schedule from a smartphone to make shift changes and the management too can use a portable device for access. This is helpful in last minute emergencies, and everything is recorded for later reference.

A software such as TimeCheck will help any organisation or business to manage shift scheduling and changes for management and employees, by managing better the documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls of the organisation. The time and attendance software can also be hooked to a biometric shift management system. Get more information about our effective time and attendance software solutions at our website. You can may request a demo. Just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you.

Automate Attendance Monitoring to Cut Down the Hidden Cost of Manual Administration

Manual administration of time and attendance is getting obsolete in today’s digital technology driven market. Still following this can create many problems for HR, as working with spreadsheets are cumbersome and error prone. The amount of time and effort involved to solve discrepancies if any occurred relates to unseen cost. An ineffective manual processes will directly impact the bottom line / can contribute to employee frustration in the long run.

To overcome the above, invest in an automated attendance system software that empowers you to easily plan resource allocation and focus to boost the productivity of your staff. When you use a time and attendance management software that matches the specific needs of your business you could witness exceptions and easily keep track of shift swaps. Through the use of mobile based time and attendance software you can remain free from the tedious task at the same time keep records of accurate & reliable data centralised, such that you get the required data in your finger tip with just a single click.

With employee time and attendance software being integrated HR managers could gain real time data, total transparency required to analyse on better ways to increase productivity. In particular, the software not only saves cost associated with time for administration, but also supports save money by providing data clarity on high absence rates, long breaks, unusual trends in overtime, missed punches, employees working outside of their assigned shifts that affect productivity.

To enable faster processing, cut down hidden cost with real-time visibility into employee hours you utilize time and attendance data reports generated from the time and attendance software. For more information on any other specific HR policy that TimeCheck has to propose, feel free to contact us.

Install Attendance Management Software To Handle Any Flexible Attendance & Leave Policies

Business organisations have to develop attendance policies that can accommodate different HR policies of organisation that operates from different locations and in different industries. The task becomes a challenge when the organisation has to accommodate the policies of every location and managing the attendance data of all employees on a centralised level.

The HR/Admin of the organisation or business can overcome this issue easily by a solution (comprehensive policy) configured to manage multiple attendance policies. A software-based time and attendance management system can make this process easy, without requiring manual intervention.

Attendance Management System Simplifies Handling Any Types of Policy Industry Face

The time attendance system software hooked to a biometric attendance system will be capable of handling multiple shift and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace time, break time, off-day, etc.

Shifts and Schedules Policy

  • Resolving overtime and date rollover issues related to the night shifts.
  • Auto shift correction to assign shifts automatically, based on the employee’s punch in/out details, even in a different shift.
  • Managing continuous shifts and attendance of employees working on simultaneous shifts even over and above their regular shifts as overtime.

Late-In, Early-Out Policy

The policy can be assigned to each employee or a group of employees, which will be tracked by the system for late-in and early-out entries, based on the employees shifts.

Absenteeism Policy

The software allows the HR to define policies for weekly off, or holidays and set up the limit for absent employees to be blocked.

Overtime Policy

The time and attendance software solution can help the HR to calculate overtime of employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with authorisation or rejection powers assigned to reporting officers. The policy should also handle the presenters, when present beyond the allocated time, even when not required.

Leave Policies

By framing leave policies, the HR can define the different types of leave applicable, the accumulation rules, the automatic leave credit and leave balance rules. It can be handled by the software’s Self Service portal for employees.

TimeCheck is a software that allows any organisation or business to maximise productivity of employees, by managing documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls efficiently. The time and attendance software is accessible simultaneously from many locations and scalable to meet future needs. Get more info about this effective solution at our website. You can ask for a demo or leave us an enquiry too.

Tips To Select The Best Employee Time and Attendance Software

The right employee time and attendance software helps your business organisation and workforce to work efficiently and improve profitability. Analyse what type of time and attendance system your organisation is using. If it is a legacy system and not electronic, it is difficult to maintain and track attendance of your employees for most HR personnel. So, you have to, it’s time to change over to a good software-based attendance system as soon as possible.

By automating time recording procedures you can improve in scheduling, reduce labour expenses and calculate accurately pay for the workforce. There are so many versions of time and attendance software available in the market that you would be confused to select what is best for your company and employees. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right product.

Easy to Use and Access

The first thing you should look into is the user friendliness of the product. It should be intuitive to use, help deal with compliance issues and improve ROI. A software which is simpler to use gets a higher rate of adoption. You would be able to access it form anywhere on the web, via a computer or mobile device.

Flexible and Reliable

Your time tracking software must be compatible with different platforms to enable employees to keep a record of their work hours. The software has backup of a vigilant team of IT experts of the provider to make it reliable and secure.

Easily Upgradable

The time and attendance system software should be easily upgradable to satisfy future requirements, necessitated by growth and regulatory compulsions. The attendance solution like TimeCheck also can hook to a biometric attendance system.

Reporting and Notifications

The software is helpful to managers if it can handle records of hundreds of members. Automatic notifications generated by the software, like when an employee is missing to punch out, helps to control and maintain productivity.

Tracking Time-Off

The attendance software should be capable of tracking different leave applications, time-off applications and check with the data recorded to validate them.

Mobile App

The software should have a compatible mobile app feature to facilitate both employees and managers on the go, to check on and avail nearly all the time and attendance functions.

A software like TimeCheck allows any organisation or business to maximise productivity of labour resources while managing documentation, timesheets and payrolls efficiently. The time and attendance software is reliable and is accessible simultaneously from many locations, besides being scalable to meet future needs. To know more about this effective solution or a demo, that will benefit your organisation/business, leave us an enquiry. Or visit our website.

Increased Adoption of Biometric Attendance Software by Government Sectors

The government sector employs a very large pool of employees across the spread of the country. The Government of India is working diligently to make India digitally empowered through many initiatives. In prominence is the ‘Digital India’ Programme. This includes the implementation of the common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) with Adhaar authentication.

The programme is working to maintain attendance records centrally, in real-time, of the employees ( and its implantation is going on but is meeting stiff challenges. Each sector has different challenges in implementing the new process but so far has been giving positive results.

Government Initiative

The government has mandated all government organisations to adhere to Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance (AEBAS). The system initiated by the Prime Minister has been designed to improve punctuality and productivity of government employees. Attendance of employees is authenticated using the Adhaar number generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The Biometric Attendance System (BAS) is a cloud-based system that monitors attendance in real-time of government employees, using the AEBAS device for accurate data collection. Let us look at the different sectors that are facing various challenges in implementing the biometric attendance system software.

Education Sector

Education plays a vital role in shaping the youth of our country for tomorrow. Attending school regularly is important as is mandatory and students are also provided with the Adhaar number. Although the government schools have large numbers, here attendance adherence is slack. In this sector comprising of schools, colleges and universities, the problems of recording attendance, buddy punching and errors by software malfunction are real.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing government sectors and of high priority too. Irregularities and absenteeism of doctors and the healthcare staff is hindering the sector in providing quality care to patients round-the-clock. Therefore, implementation of BAS is necessary and challenging here.

Transportation Sector

Implementing the time and attendance system software is crucial in the transportation sector as the services here are time based. Government transportation involves the railways, airports and state-run bus services. Obviously the massive sector faces equally big challenges. The type of devices and software used for authentication of attendance here must offer long life-span and reliability.

Other sectors of the government include police, para-military and defence forces, power utilities, public works, oil and refinery and many more that all require the implementation of AEBAS for improving productivity and efficiency.

This TimeCheck Software allows an organisation or business to maximise productivity of labour resources while managing documentation and payrolls efficiently. The time and attendance software is reliable and is accessible from many locations, besides being scalable to meet future requirements. To find out more about this effective solution that will benefit your organisation/business, visit our website, or leave us an enquiry.

Prevent Time Theft and ‘Buddy Punching’ of Employees

Any large sized company with a sizeable manpower, faces problems in managing its human resources. One such issue in time and attendance at the workplace is ‘time theft’ and related to it is ‘Buddy Punching’. Buddy Punching is when one employee punches in or out for a co-worker who is not working at that time.

Supervisors of large organisations may not notice the discrepancies of employees all the time. However, Buddy Punching is a kind of Time Theft that should be attended to. If employees are paid by the hour, accurate timekeeping is needed to safeguard the bottom line of the company.

Ways to Prevent Time Theft and Other Issues

Biometric time clocking linked with a time attendance software is the really the apt solution. You can do away with unnecessary paperwork too and avoid timesheet fraud. Fingerprint, hand geometry or facial features are fool proof methods to log in attendance and time on a modern electronic clocking device.

It is also good to have a clear-cut policy and to frame clear rules. Then inform employees of the rules and the consequences if they do not follow them. Inform of the disciplinary procedures that will follow, starting with a warning first.

Advantages of Time and Attendance Software Installation

The right solution would be to install a modern time and attendance software with compatibility to advanced clocking devices, such as a biometric clock. Many functions can be automated too and data can be stored and retrieved with a variety of reports. Open lines of communication between the staff and the workforce facilitates better management and improves accountability at work.

TimeCheck attendance management software allows you to streamline administrative processes & scale up to meet future requirements. It will help maximise labour productivity while managing complex shifts and shift rules.

The mobile based attendance software is friendly and reliable for employers to manage remote workforce. To find out more about this comprehensive solution that will benefit your organisation/business, visit our website, or leave us an enquiry.

Benefits of Incorporating a Modern Visitor Management Software

Any organisation or company with premises, whether small, medium or large, will have their share of visitors to manage. The security personnel could find it difficult to track and manage this task on a daily basis. This is when technology comes to the rescue. A good visitor management software or system can be incorporated to work with your organisation’s installed systems. It can complement your administration, security and time & attendance systems which are in place, help improve efficiency and offer a better experience to all involved.

Registering Process

Any visitor (or temporary worker) coming in will have to be registered at the reception or time office or by any authorised person assigned. Basic information of the visitor(s) has to be captured, such as name, company’s name, address, ID proof, etc. Items carried by the visitor should be entered into the records and then allowed or disallowed entry as per the company rules or practice. A picture of the person visiting too can be captured and stored. In case of high-level security, a fingerprint recording machine or bio-metric devices can be used to record identity of the visitor.

Identification Badges and Tracking

After gathering all necessary information, the administrator issuing a Visitor Pass/Visitor Identification Badge, can counter-check it by sending SMS to the mobile phone, or email to the address. If there’s a vehicle, just tag it along with the visitor’s badge issued. The badges can be printed and even issued online, can include personal details and include a code number or barcode as necessary. This method also helps in tracking the visitor or temporary employee over time.

Security and Reports

Badges can be verified/scanned at every department, or at every level of entry/exit points. Records can be maintained for repeat visitors/temporary workers as required over time. A visitor’s stay or movement can be scheduled as per requirements. The system can also enable viewing or generating reports from info stored at the database.

The visitor management system software should ensure protection from unwanted intrusions and secure the premises. The system should be able to define access areas and prevent trespassing with proper check-ins and monitoring.

Appointments and Notifications

The system should be able to create appointments for the visitor to the organisation via a request or application through phone or website, to facilitate the normal operations of the organisation. With the help of a mobile app or website, notifications can be sent as per requirements, even to the host. A reply too can be facilitated for the visitor to respond if needed.

The visitor management system should be scalable to meet future needs and be integrated with other solutions and systems on-site and supported by proper backup on the database for any future retrieval.

To know more about this unique solution from TimeCheck software, that is beneficial for your organisation/unit, contact us or leave us an enquiry.

How Can Healthcare Organizations Benefit from an Attendance Software?

The healthcare sector has a unique way of functioning. Most of them have working hours for staff staggered out to keep the units running on a 24-hour basis throughout the year.

Challenges of The Sector

Such extended operations pose challenges in managing staff and schedules of healthcare workers under a 24-hour model and to meet the need of consistent staffing to service patients. The system has to monitor overtime costs, create rosters, allow shift changes at regular frequency. The attendance tracking software in consideration should have the answer to control rising expenses associated with staff rotation and record management.

Adaptable Time and Attendance Software

Whatever industry or sector an organisation is in, be it healthcare, retail, construction, hospitality or any other sector, most HR managers have issues in shift scheduling to accommodate employee requests, absence or other issues, while ensuring the operations are not affected and all things run on time.

A modern healthcare time and attendance software can help to automate the making of schedules in a healthcare organisation. It can manage pay rule variations to meet workforce needs, such as the nursing staff. As you create a schedule you take into account the skill sets of employees and their availability, to meet the labour demands of every shift and of the payroll. The time tracking software can calculate payroll in a simple way and avoid payroll errors for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Beneficial to Employees and Employers

The staff and healthcare workers are benefited by the ability to request shift swaps and time-off without any hassles, directly through an online system, through which the managers in charge too can review the request and act accordingly.

TimeCheck is a very capable web and mobile based time and attendance software that meets most of the critical requirements of a healthcare organisation. The software costs lesser than a proprietary solution designed exclusively, but comes with all advantages. It can be customised and also integrated with a current system that’s running in the hospital or healthcare centre.

This system allows you to streamline administrative processes and maximise labour resources while managing complex shifts, mobile employees and complex pay rules. The software can be supported by a mobile app if the healthcare organisation requires, when employing a large workforce over many locations.

To find out more about this unique solution from TimeCheck software, that is beneficial for your organisation/sector, contact us or leave us an enquiry.