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Face recognition based student attendance solution offered for Medical College in India

Face Recognition Student Attendance Management System

Face recognition based student attendance solution offered for Medical College in India


Client is one of the leading Educational Institute for Medical Research & Science. They demonstrate a high standard of Medical Education in India, aim at furthering its scope in life sciences and health domains while providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

Problem Outline

In Educational institutions, recording student attendance consumes a significant amount of time per classroom session. Further, recording the actual time for which each student is present is time consuming,

So college management was in need of a face recognition technology solution to track student attendance seamlessly. They were in need of our support to implement beacon technology for capturing which department is attending the session in auditorium 1 & 2.

In Educational Institutions there is no system in place to make a Timetable schedule for the group of courses along with the specific location / class room details and recording student attendance on class wise for each course consumes a significant amount of time. As per the current trend the attendance system also should get adapted to technology is required

So college management was in need to implement the attendance app for students daily attendance and also they were specific the app should mark the attendance for any student within the classroom frequency alone not with any other irrelevant frequency which is even near to classroom but not exactly with the classroom  seamlessly. They were in need of our support to bring the customized solution with the Face recognition App along with Beacon Technology.

Solution Summary 

Beacon device based Student Attendance Monitoring Enabled

The solution Timecheck team from ANGLER technology provided to the Medical institute is an Android attendance app. In the app they can enroll the students and faculties details in It. Enabled their faculties to pre book the auditorium 1 & auditorium 2 for the classes that is planned for the day. Scheduling of classes each day for the re-relevant course can be done using the module so that the student of the respective course can able to know their Class timetable online anytime along with the  class location. So by now each student can login to the app from their mobile and some other users not using the mobile can use the common Tab installed in the front of classroom can be used.  By using Face recognition technology, the tablet at the entrance, with the App installed in it we were able to capture student attendance in touchless / contactless manner for every student. The tablet device records the attendance of the students to the respective classes in the auditorium by registering their entrance.

Outcome / Result

  • Easier to schedule & book auditorium for department wise sessions
  • Captures attendance information for each student in each period
  • Automated Attendance System saves a significant amount of the time
  • Analyze walk-in walk –out behavior of students
  • Improves accuracy & reduces errors in reporting different types of attendance
  • Report helps to decide whether the attendance of the student in up-to mark for allowing for examination

Client Testimonials

We are happy with this face recognition based attendance solution that helped us automate the attendance checking process, further analyse total time spent on classes that day, and total time spent on that subject that week.