Effective Solutions for Managing Employee Shift Scheduling Problems

Employee shift scheduling issue has great impact on job dissatisfaction and employee turnover. Industries such as hospitality, retail stores, hotels are struggling to manage this recurring task in the most optimal manner possible. For shift managers, scheduling staffs to shifts based on staff availability, preference & skill set is a daunting task.

This shift scheduling is a time consuming and complicated process that can be easily solved with efficient employee scheduling methods and tools. Today, most organizations deploy employee scheduling software to automate schedules, with this you can easily handle any last-minute changes and protect your bottom line.

Reduce Too Much Time Scheduling

Are you wasting too much time on scheduling? By using employee scheduling software organizations can comply with legal laws by automating checks for violation and thereby reducing the risk of labour turnover. This automation/ digitization can save the most time and will let you to focus on important tasks.

Give Schedules Out in Advance

Shift manager can set up a schedule notice prior and help employees keep their work life organized.  Communicate shift changes well in advance and ensure enough members are available in the morning, evening, and weekend shifts.

Automated time and attendance systems have features to improve workplace organization and prevent staff scheduling problems. Also, ensure that no employee gets a ‘good’ shift every time, and similarly, no worker is stuck with a ‘bad’ shift. Such optimization ensures that there is never unequal shift distribution.

To address recurring scheduling issues & to optimize your scheduling process use the right time tracking software. By reviewing and analyzing your scheduling data identify trends, and areas for improvement. In this way, organizations can overcome scheduling issues improve employee satisfaction, and achieve better operational outcomes.

Leveraging technology becomes essential to stay ahead in today’s competitive market. A complete Time Management Solution from Timecheck software helps organizations manage multiple shift patterns depending on your business requirements.  So Contact Us to embrace the power of automation and unlock the full potential of your workforce.


Best Practices for Streamlining Employee Time and Attendance Management System in Organizations – 2023

Efficient time and attendance management is a crucial aspect of organizational success. By implementing a reliable software solution, organizations can streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and ensure fair compensation. Compliance with labor laws and regulations is paramount, making the optimization of the time and attendance monitoring system a top priority. This blog aims to explore key strategies and considerations that can significantly improve time and attendance management, leading to enhanced efficiency and compliance within organizations.

Implement a Reliable Time and Attendance Management Software:

By utilizing a dependable software like Time check organizations can automate processes, minimize errors, and simplify record-keeping. This software acts as a robust foundation for efficient workforce management.

Leverage Automated Systems:

Manual time and attendance tracking can be cumbersome, error-prone, and time-consuming. Investing in automated time and attendance management software can significantly streamline the process. Such software can accurately track employee attendance, calculate working hours, manage leave requests, and generate timely and accurate payroll reports. Automation reduces human error, saves time, and eliminates discrepancies, improving overall efficiency.

Implement Biometric Attendance Systems:

To enhance accuracy and prevent proxy attendance, organizations can adopt biometric attendance systems. These systems utilize unique employee identifiers such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans to track attendance. By implementing biometric systems, organizations can ensure real-time and reliable attendance records, eliminating any chances of fraudulent practices.

Regular Monitoring and Audits:

Regularly monitoring attendance records allows organizations to identify trends, patterns, and potential issues. Conducting periodic audits of attendance records ensures accuracy and up-to-date information. By promptly identifying discrepancies or non-compliance, organizations can take corrective action, reducing the likelihood of recurring problems and improving overall efficiency.

Foster Time Management Skills:

Online Attendance Management System is essential for both employees and organizations. Providing employees with time management training can greatly enhance productivity. Focus on skills such as setting priorities, managing distractions, and utilizing time management tools effectively. By empowering employees with these skills, organizations can improve overall time utilization and maximize productivity.

 Ensure Compliance with Labor Laws:

Compliance with labor laws and regulations is of utmost importance for organizations. Familiarize yourself with the relevant laws governing working hours, minimum wages, overtime, and leave policies. Ensuring compliance helps organizations avoid legal penalties, disputes, and maintain a healthy work environment.

Managing employee attendance is critical for organizations as it directly impacts efficiency and compliance. By implementing the best practices discussed in this blog—establishing clear policies, leveraging an online attendance management system, implementing biometric attendance system, regular monitoring, fostering time management skills, and ensuring compliance with labor laws—organizations can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid legal complications. With streamlined attendance management, organizations can drive productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and achieve long-term success.

Maximize your productivity and compliance! Take action today and Get in Touch with Us to leverage our time check software to streamline your organization’s time and attendance processes. Experience the transformative impact on efficiency and compliance, setting the stage for a successful year ahead.


Time & Attendance Management Software for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is known for its highly competitive and fast-paced nature. As manufacturers strive to meet their targets, they need to ensure that their employees are working productively and that their time is being tracked accurately to avoid legal issues. In such a scenario, a reliable Time & Attendance Management Software can make all the difference. Timecheck is a valuable tool that helps manufacturers track employee hours, monitor productivity, and ensure compliance with labour laws. In this blog, we will discuss why Time and attendance software is essential for the manufacturing industry.

Accurate Attendance Tracking of Employee Hours:

Manufacturing operations require employees to work in a highly regulated environment with specific work hours and break times. With our Time and attendance tracking software, manufacturers can accurately track the employee hours worked by each employee, ensuring that they are paid for their actual work hours.

Shift Scheduling: Manufacturing plants often operate on a 24/7 schedule, with employees working in different shifts. Our Time and attendance monitoring software can help managers create and manage shift schedules, assign employees to different shifts, and ensure that each shift is fully staffed.

Compliance: Manufacturing companies must comply with various labor laws and regulations, including minimum wage laws and overtime requirements. Our software ensures that these records are maintained accurately and in compliance with labour laws.

Multi-level Approval Hierarchy: With our Time check software, you can easily manage leave, permission, overtime, and shift requests with notification reminders. Our platform not only streamlines the approval process, but it also provides complete transparency, accountability, and compliance.

Real-Time Visibility:  Real-time visibility is key to effective workforce management. Our software allows you to get attendance data from a variety of sources in real-time, giving you complete transparency and control over your workforce. With just one click, you can view online timesheets, monitor employee hours, and gain insights into attendance patterns, all in one simple and easy-to-use interface.

Extensive Report Generation: Our software offers a wide range of attendance reports according to your unique payroll needs. You can easily generate reports for employee time and attendance, overtime hours, and time-off requests, allowing you to keep track of your workforce’s productivity and identify areas for improvement.

Cost Savings: Time and attendance software can help reduce labour costs by identifying areas where labour is being wasted, such as employees taking unauthorized breaks or arriving late. It will reduce manual administrative tasks and its cost can be reduced by an automated process.

Managing a manufacturing industry is a challenging task that requires careful attention to employee time and attendance. By implementing time check software, managers can ensure that their workforce is productive, efficient, and compliant with labour laws and regulations.

Maximize productivity, streamline compliance, and optimize your workforce with our Time check software Contact Us to implement our Attendance Management software.



How Timecheck Attendance Management Software Makes HR Life Easier

Companies are spending more revenues on employer’s salary. In most of the industries the labour costs are valuable than other expenses of the organization. Every second is valuable for productivity. So, it is vital to track the employee attendance for increasing productivity and efficiency. There are many difficulties in tracking employee attendance for various departments. It’s hard for HR to maintain attendance records of the employee because it consumes more time for entering the data manually.

Time check software makes HR life easier by streamlining the attendance records of the employee. It automatically tracks the total worked hours, break duration and log in, log off time of employees. If an employee missed out the punches, employee can send discrepancy email to HR, approval authorities to add the required punches or delete the unwanted punches manually. The individual attendance reports will be generated and it can be viewed by both employees and HR. This automated process saves lot of time and reduces the work burden of HR.

Attendance Management Software has several features which will ease the work of the HR. Some of the features are listed below.

Accurate Time Keeping: Time and Attendance Software accurately tracks attendance of the employee and working hours, eliminates manual errors and reducing the time required to manage employee time data.

Leave and Permission Management:  Web based employee attendance management software allows employees to apply leave or permission in advance and the HR/manager can approve or reject leaves based on the rules and regulations. This software is useful for the HR team to find the type of leave such as sick or casual and the number of leaves applied by the employee.

Overtime Management: Time and attendance solution allows the employee to plan and schedule the overtime. The software tracks the hours worked by employees beyond their regular hours, allowing managers to monitor overtime duration. The software generates reports that provide insights into overtime trends, enabling Managers/HR to make decisions according to received data reports.

Automatic Scheduling of Reports: Time check software has features to schedule attendance reports. It will generate the reports automatically from reports module as per predetermined schedule. It will be beneficial for both employees and HR. The reports can be viewed on the regular basis.

Geo Attendance Tracker: Geo-Attendance tracker tracks the location of employees within specific area. By enabling this in the mobile you can track the real time location of staffs, attendance can be marked easily once the staff reaches the location.

Efficiency: Time and attendance application can significantly reduce the amount of HR teams spend managing time data. By automating the process, HR department can concentrate on other important work.

Integration:  Time and attendance software can be integrated with other HR system like payroll to create more streamlined and efficient HR process. It reduces the administrative tasks and improve accuracy and data integrity across various systems.

Time and attendance software simplifies the work of an HR. Time check software is helpful for HR in terms of tracking employee attendance and leaves accurately. Install Time check software to reduce the work burden of HR. To know more about this effective solution, Book for a Free Demo or Leave us an Enquiry.


Employee Attendance Tracking Solution for Hybrid Work Model

In Pandemic a Hybrid work model created the positive effect among the employees and the corporate world implemented various changes in the work flow one of the method is the Hybrid model. During Covid 19, this model is new but now it is adopted by the companies in a larger scale.

Hybrid work model is becoming more familiar because allows the employee to work in remote mode or work in office. Hybrid work model also allows the employee to take flexible hours and to work in various schedules. The firms permit workers to use their own system while they choose the remote working. In this case to monitor the actual hours, time tracking applications are used.

Advantages of using Attendance Tracker application

In a traditional model, there will be only shift so it is easy to calculate the attendance of the employee, but nowadays many firms follow hybrid work model which has the flexible mode of operations in a different location. It is difficult to organise the attendance reports of employees manually when they are in various shift timings. To overcome this issue, we need an attendance tracking software to manage shift management, leave reports, permission etc. The employees can view the attendance report anywhere by using the employee id and passcode.

The Attendance Tracker software is a tool which is used for managing the attendance of the employee by tracking accurate worked hours, break hours, shift in and shift out time. Based on the entries the actual hours are calculated and the payments are given based on the attendance records of the employees.

  • Most of the firm use biometric attendance software to track the attendance it saves the time and it will increase productivity.
  • The overtime and the absence of the employee is tracked by the attendance management system.
  • The early exit and missed punches are also monitored by the time tracking app so that time theft is avoided so the company earns profit by the biometric scanner.

Organizations have to transform to new technology. The Attendance tracker software replaces the old method and it reduces the human effort.  In Hybrid work model it’s hard to maintain more records so we need software for monitoring the attendance reports of the employee, by implementing a right technology the employee can view their attendance reports anywhere, anytime.

Our Time check software gives the solution for Hybrid model which many features like tracking employee attendance reports Shift management, Overtime management, leave and permission management. For more details, Contact Us.


Advantages of Tracking Hours in Construction Firm

Generally, the tracking of employee is done with a paper, but times have changed and firms are evolving to use smarter more effective ways to track employee hours. A time tracker for construction sites gives privileges for both workers and employers. By implementing Time check software for construction workers time and money is saved and also the productivity is increased.

Tracking hours in construction improves bottom line and will reduce the stress. When you have an ideal time tracking system the time spent on a job is identified easily by the tracker and the employers can compensate hours correctly, also get profit by eliminating errors happened in timekeeping. In construction it is hard to manage projects accurately. Time scheduling and preparation of budget plays the important role in the construction business.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Advantages of tracking Hours, some of the advantages are given below.

Saves Time with project management features

Tracking of Hours is essential in construction business. Doing it manually will take long hrs & may be error prone, to overcome this issue, we recommend you to use attendance tracking software which will automatically generate the employee attendance report. Time Check software saves more hours comparing to the manual method, so that business persons can focus only on the business growth. By using the time check software more time is saved, the login and logout time is automatically tracked by the software and the duration of hours on a specific project is calculated easily.

Helps Manage Overtime & systemize work

Overtime is sometimes necessary in construction. Projects with tight delivery dates will sometime leads to overtime work allocation. The time extension & compliance with Policy / labour law is automatically detected by the software and so we can manage overtime work hrs per resource, easily plan to dispatch people to different job sites and also see to avoid errors in calculating of an extra hours.

 Save Money

In olden days, hand-written paper was used to calculate the break taken duration during working hours. But Nowadays the hours are simply calculated by the software application itself. It will calculate the total hours worked and it will also calculate the break hours and will generate you reports in the way you prefer. The Hiding of late arrival or early departure the work can be captured and avoided, there by task completion by time improves and extra money spent unnecessarily can be saved.

Timesheet Errors are Avoided

In manual tracking sometimes Timesheet errors are occurred. An automated time tracking app eliminates the mistakes and flaws that exist with old timekeeping methods and save your business money. This software allows you to store data and empowers you to effortlessly do payroll calculations quickly and accurately, understand individual job costs in spite of distributed environment.

For more info about tracking work hours for Construction Industry Employees, how it works to your business nature contact us.


Improve your accuracy when billing clients by tracking hours with software

Professionals and business owners can improve billing accuracy and transparency with time tracking using the appropriate software modules or app. By using a time tracking app one can track the correct hours worked for each client or project, as the case may be.

The time tracking method is an essential practise that helps employers to manage the teams, to improve productivity and profits. Earlier it was done manually. Time tracking not only helps managers and employers but the concerned teams, employees and freelancers too. Without a time tracking system in place, companies and clients may lose money, whereas employees lose their productivity and creditability.

Application to accurately bill clients

Today, we find many types of time tracking tools, that are either an application or a readymade software, and each have their own set of features with unique user interfaces. But make your choice of the app carefully with the scope of work, the budget, the number of employees and the complexity in consideration. The right time tracking tool is digital, easy to use and tracks the hours accurately based on the time of clock-in and clock-out. Choose from the market, the right mobile app and desktop version to integrate with various payroll systems to help automate the billing process. Tracking hours with a reliable application is equally crucial for a freelance writer and an accountant looking to streamline the billing process.

Time Tracking is Important

Time tracking is an important factor in any professional work that needs billing of customers/clients. Besides the accuracy provided to both parties, it offers transparency for co-operation. The right time tracking software helps to improve the terms of cooperation and avoid any manual errors in billing with this software application. Earn the trust of your customer or client with accurate work hours billing and save time and cost in billing, unlike the cumbersome manual process. When you are involved in more than one project you can get lost in the process of tracking your work hours and separating them for each client, project or customer. The application using GPS and RFID tech can automate a lot of functionalities in the time tracking module.

A time and attendance software like TIMECHECK can be integrated to existing systems of a client. It is supportive to attendance policy changes that occur at times, managing efficiently various documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls, at multiple locations or worksites. To support you with any of your unique requirements contact us.


The Right Software for Absence Management with Geo-Location Employee Attendance to Improve Productivity

Absenteeism not only affects the organisation but individual productivity as well. So, employers should look into the root causes that affect or result in this deviation, because if anyone works less they are likely to affect employees’ productivity and the organisation’s too. Reasons could include disengagement, burnout, as well as accommodation or illness. Employees may need time off legitimately for a variety of reasons, like short-tern or long-term illnesses, but unaccountable absence should be identified and resolved.

This is where an effective absence management framework should help to support the employees’ health needs but at the same time offer clear and consistent guidance to avert unauthorised absenteeism or unauthorised use of medical payment schemes. Almost 14% of annual working days of nearly a quarter of the companies are lost from the annual working day, owing to sickness or absences. Therefore, absence management is seen a top priority for businesses and organisations. If they fail to manage absence rates, they fail to control its risks and also tend to neglect employee welfare.

Time and Attendance Software solution caters to absence management

Absence management solutions help keep the cost of absence low and push up productivity. Otherwise, there is likely to be more non-compliance related risks. However, using a software solution integrated with time reporting, scheduling and payroll can significantly reduce errors in managing leave applications and find replacement simply by using the software application for time and attendance.

The unique benefit of using this workforce management software is its ability to eliminate errors and gaps. This is how it helps –

  • Absence communication is shared easily between managers and employees
  • Absence balances can be checked automatically or manually, ensuring employees do not take excess time off, as all types of absence balances are transparently visible at all times.
  • Helps to accurately forecast future balances, to plan leave usage and calculate earned time-off accrual
  • All accrual policies can be automated including proration and carryovers.

Data insights to handle absenteeism and productivity

The online time and attendance software helps to manage absences effectively with the time and attendance management app. One of the most powerful benefits of using the right software is the ability to eradicate errors and communication lapses. It improves employee welfare and insight into behaviour of workforce. With historical data you can see patterns and trends to help in making better plans and decisions regarding absence. A lot of features can be customised or automated and triggered responsively with the employee management software that can be integrated with a mobile app that reduces repeated manual entries and action. Easily incorporate into it regulatory and compliance updates too.

TIMECHECK time and attendance software can be integrated to various existing systems of a client. It is supportive to attendance policy changes that occur at times and helps to optimise productivity by managing efficiently various documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls for employees, at multiple locations or worksites. More info is available on this website. Those interested may also request for a demo run for a limited period.


Compelling reasons & tangible advantages of Switching to Biometric Attendance Software

We are all living in an era of constant change. To ease attendance recording and track the workforce attendance, organisations need to install advanced biometric attendance systems. This software captures real-time workforce data and eliminates payroll-related problems. In this blog post, we have discussed the reasons to transform & advantages of biometric time and attendance software solution.

Reasons to Adopt Biometric Attendance Software

Either small or big organisation, doing a one-time investment can eliminate inaccuracies and benefit them in many ways. Allows HR Managers to go paperless, digitally record real time information like time in, time out, etc. for calculating and recording the attendance.

  • This system enhances security, by restricting employees from accessing specific departments.
  • Meets the need to record attendance of remotely working employee for an onsite project
  • Restricts employee from accessing entry to the office other than his allotted shift-in time
  • Helps gain clarity into calculating overtime work, payments, and attendance-related bonuses

Advantages of Switching to Biometric Attendance Software

  • Gain / boost revenue by scheduling employees in the right manner
  • Empowers HRs to generate speedy reports for immediate attention to issues if any
  • Very easy and convenient technology to improve employee accountability
  • Solution designed to ease your tasks, reduce costs, and offer effective operational benefits
  • Employee Self service module provides expected level of transparency
  • Centralised solution that brings all locations, departments and employees together

By installing this customised attendance software organisations could incorporate customised leave policies, sanction and approval policies with privileged based access control. To bid farewell to the excel sheets as well give employees a digital experience and save time & money implement state-of-the-art biometric attendance software that enables businesses or enterprise to eliminate buddy punching, time theft and make quick & timely decisions.

Contact us to adopt biometric technology that provide reliability, durability, and supreme performance for the user.


Managing Time and Attendance for Desk less Shift Workers

Time and attendance management has become critically important to manage the change in work patterns of employees. Industries having desk less workforce are facing many issues without right technology in place. Migrating to automated time tracking software & digitized timesheets helps you increase productivity with less physical effort. Today company can select the right attendance management system, can configure custom attendance policies as per their work nature and provide a seamless operation by withdrawing the wastage of time.

Manual Work Simplified

Adopting advanced time & attendance management software helps to record the attendance data of employees across locations and generate real time reports to keep track of their employee attendance and leave details.  Precise time and attendance monitoring platform prevents hour violations and helps stay compliant with live insights. Without this attendance management tools, it will be hard for shift schedulers and HR managers to provide the work-life balance.

Easier Time Scheduling

Industries investing in the time and attendance management solution can schedule work systematically and manage attendance of employees working in different shifts easily. Automated alerts & notifications right on the mobile phones of assist manager helped approve requests such as overtime and early departure immediately without any specific need for communication. Furthermore, employers can also define various attendance and leave policies to maintain employee morale and satisfaction.

Employee Location Tracking

Mobile GPS Based attendance tracking help remote/desk less workers manage their work schedules on a more autonomous level, and ultimately achieve work-life balance.  With this best-in-class GPS technology in place most employers can get insight into where employees are and what they are working on, besides seamlessly collaborate with their teams while on the job.

Due to greater visibility and transparency industries could seamlessly handle varying pay rates for employees and for jobs. Accuracy of the software ensure employee loyalty and retention. If you’d like to learn more on how Timecheck helps manage deskless shift workers at multiple sites, get in touch with us today!