Things to consider before implementing a TC software for your organization

It is very common to spot a Biometric device in an office or an organization these days. Previously when employees had to punch their cards or when the timings were manual noted, there were errors and chances for some mal practices like buddy punching, wrong time entries etc.

The importance of time and attendance software has really been understood and most of the organizations have started using them extensively. Biometric devices with fingerprint scanning technology along with a time and attendance software have eliminated such errors and malpractices.

So if you are planning to go with employee time attendance software, what are the things we should look into before opting one? Let’s have a look into it.

Organization Size: For a small sized company, a basic time and attendance software is enough to record the clock in and out times and calculate hours. But for a big organization with growing number of employees, you should decide upon the number of devices needed and their placement, integrate with a time and attendance software.

Scheduling: If your company has multiple shifts, flexible timings, permission, late entry management etc. the software should provide flexible time calculation features as a whole and also to an individual employee according to the needs.

Custom Reports: Not only employee timings but the whole payroll process can be integrated in these software. List out the different kinds of reports you need to generate regarding employee management like worked hours, late entry, leave and permission, extra hours etc. The software you are going with should be able to give all those customized reports.

Data Storage and access: Consider the scalability of your organization and opt for a device, time and attendance software that will store the amount of data and generate custom reports. Also give access rights according to the users & their needs. Some may need only viewing rights and some may need administrator rights, therefore the software should be able to handle privileges based on user types.

Employee Access: Decide about the access and features to be given to employees. Time and attendance software allows employees to apply leaves, permission through the software for quick approval. They can track the leaves availed, late entry and HR can monitor their late working hours and can correct them to increase productivity.

Once the above points are satisfied by your time and attendance solution then you can go ahead on implementing the same in your organization. It is primarily your organization needs that define the time and attendance solutions, so for more answers to your questions, request a demo and make a wise decision.

Benefits of Time and Attendance Software for Organizations

An automated time and attendance management software is the only solution for your organization to save money and eliminate the annoyance of manual process. Enhance efficiency, manage manual labor costs and increase profits by executing an electronic, integrated time and attendance system.

Integrating an automated time and attendance solution will differ based on your organization’s operational patterns and distinctive requirements. But whatever the nature of your business, you can rest assured that a time and attendance tracking software and related employee time management solutions will facilitate your organization run more efficiently and competently.

Here are some of the advantages of using Time and Attendance software:

  • Reduction of Errors & Enhanced Accuracy: Time and attendance software helps in reducing the human errors. Accuracy rate of automated time and attendance solution is more than 98.9% versus manual systems by eliminating errors in data entry and calculations.
  • Time & Cost-Effective: Executing a technology based time and attendance solution will instantly help to reduce organization’s employment costs. Manually collecting, managing, supervising, manipulating and processing time data to process payroll consumes lot of time; however with an automated time and attendance solution, organizations can increase efficiency and save money.
  • Enhances Security & Productivity: Time and attendance software along with biometric data collection devices may be used to organize employee access to specific zones inside an office and track employee entry. Biometric data collections devices eliminate buddy / colleague data punching, diminish excessive liabilities, including robbery of high value assets / properties of the company.

It also helps increasing the productivity by making the process seamless and daily operations more effective and convenient. Eliminating legacy practices free up staff time, decreases staffing overhead, and provides administrator / managing authorities with appropriate labor data to more effectively handle their operations.

  • Improves flexible working – These are few significant considerations, particularly if your team incorporates individuals who are folks / parents or professions/ students, with the time and attendance tracking systems you can keep track of employee working hours via a host of technologies both on- and off-site.
  • Employee Satisfaction: With the help of time and attendance software, employees will be happier because timely and apt payment of salary is assured. Furthermore it keeps away from manual arrangement of time sheets. Administrators / management of an organization can enhance employee – employer relations by granting employee secure access to confidential information.
  • Quick & Efficient Reports: Want an immediate snapshot of all planned and unplanned leaves of a particular employee, team or department? time and attendance software allows users / managers to generate correct reports on work time, shifts, leaves, permissions, schedules, in addition to pay and contract information, events, training qualifications, and job and inventory details with just a few clicks of the mouse

Schedule a FREE demo today, we will show you how our TimeCheck – intuitive, user-friendly software can help your organization gain the benefits listed above.

Automate employee Leave & Permission management with Time & Attendance

Leave Management is one of the important aspects in HR processes. Although keeping track of employee’s leave is not a difficult task and does not take too much time, approving leaves is a delicate balancing act. HR has to ensure that employees avail their leaves in accordance to the leave policy and ensure the availability of sufficient resources for business continuance, while on the other he/she also has to improve employee satisfaction.

A recent research shows that leave & permission management has a direct impact on business productivity and companies without a time and attendance software overpays their employees and this is where its need is felt. Leave & permission management feature in Time & Attendance Software allows employees to plan their leaves in advance, HR/Management manage leave & permission as well as allows team to smoothly handle employees scheduled tasks.

Below listed are the functions of this leave and permission management feature in TimeCheck

Track leaves: There are various types of leaves like as Casual leave, medical leave, earned leave and loss of pay etc in an organization. Through leave & permission management feature you can easily keep track of employee leaves and thus avoid miscalculation in payment process.

Leave Acceptance: These leave and permission management features enables employee to submit their leave or permission request to any authorized personal like HR/ department manager and he can either approve or reject his leave application based on various eligibility criteria thus making the whole process easy.

Leave Cancellation: Suppose the employees have priority work and decide to cancel his leave application, he/she can cancel or reschedule their applied leave whenever they want before the leave is approved by authorized person. This ensures that the employees don’t have to move around to cancel their leave thereby wasting productive work hours.

Leave Status: This feature gives detail on the number of leaves taken by a particular employee on monthly/yearly basis, the approved status of leave and type of leave request. With a click of a button employee data for the selected period can be imported for real time insight.

In today’s competitive world to avoid time theft and see a significant reduction in labor costs organizations should automate their employee attendance. If you are interested in our product, please visit our features page for more information of our product or request for our product demo to get started.

How is Time and Attendance Software Beneficial?

Employers today accept managing workforce time and attendance in an efficient way can significantly improve business efficiency. To reduce administration costs and to gain insights into employees’ productivity nowadays almost every organization have implemented Time and Attendance Software, as it make ease of tracking time and attendance of employees than any other method.

This system plays a vital role by providing accurate and reliable information, and also by regulating employee time, attendance, and payroll activities in major business places and work stations. Automated solutions like Time and Attendance software aid you to run your organization effectively and efficiently.

The following aspects outline the benefits of time and attendance software for your organization.

Reliable Accuracy: Time and Attendance software mainly installed for reducing risks in manual time tracking systems. Comparatively automated solutions provide the accuracy rate of more than 99% than the manual method thus emphasizing that they are more reliable and accuracy.

Significant Cost Savings: Manually collecting, maintaining and calculating payroll process can consume lot of time, but with help of automated solutions, organizations can increase work efficiency and save money. Integrating time and attendance software for your organization instantly helps to reduce employment costs and increase work efficiency.

Security: Time and Attendance software integrated with smart card / biometric system integrated to control employee access at certain areas, with a facility to track their entry. It eliminates the proxy punching of the buddy and prevents from malpractice.

Improves flexible working: Time and attendance software helps for an organization to have employees working in wide variety of locations at the office / at remote location. Further more it is easy to track the employee working hours on both on-site and off-site through biometric system.

Employee Satisfaction: Employees will be happier with the time and attendance software, as it assures with timely and accurate pay. It also makes easy for an employee to access leave / permission requests very effectively.

Quickly and efficiently create reports: Without spending much time for searching data in a bunch of paper, Time and Attendance software can generate report quickly and efficiently with few clicks. This system increases the efficiency by optimizing appropriate information from the database when there is a need.

Time Check Software offers customized and cost effective software solutions for Time and Attendance management for your organizations. For more details contact us.

Why time and attendance software for Banking Sector?

Banking sector is one of the few sectors with a large number of employees under its wings. Handling huge amount of employee data manually is definitely a time consuming process and is error prone. This is where implementing appropriate time and attendance software solution fits in. This would assist in not only monitoring employee attendance but also the ability to generate customized reports makes the process easier, reduces time and makes it error free.

If we take a closer look, there are a lot of factors in banking sector to consider before salary calculation like work time, shift time, pay, overtime, allowances, leave eligibility, employee benefit schemes etc. To monitor all these factors and calculating the salary for all the employees across all the branches is made easy through these time and attendance software. Even though the data needs to be collected from various resources, everything can be organized and a single report can be generated which makes the whole process organized. With such software banks can easily track the accurate worked hours of their employees thereby reducing discrepancies in employee working hour calculation resulting in employee satisfaction.

Employees don’t have to wait for the month end to receive the pay slip to check whether their attendance is correct and pay is perfect. They can simply login to their account and can check whether they have met the required hours. Also employees can easily apply for leaves, permissions and also can check their leave eligibility etc in the software, thus reducing the time taken in this process.

Apart from this, streamlining the time and attendance process not only organizes the backend process but also improves employee productivity & satisfaction.

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Save time with automatic shift scheduling feature from TIMECHECK

If your company or organization is still managing the employee shift timings manually, then it’s high time to look for a automation software with shift management feature which will put an end to this monotonous, time consuming and error prone process. In the manual process, even a small error could result in substantial losses. The shift manager or HR manager has to ensure each week whether the shift has been assigned to each employee correctly. With this feature an employee’s shift allocation, changes and timings with accuracy can be easily organized. It is here the use of shift management feature in an employee time attendance software comes to help.

Here are the few reasons why your business needs shift management feature

Shift Allocation

The major benefits of shift management are the shifts allocation; calculation of total work hours can be automated. It will easier to generate the reports of each employee’s shift scheduling on daily, weekly and monthly basis; thus saving shift managers or HR manager time and stress and enhancing accuracy.

Easy Shift Change

If an employee’s shift has to be changed permanently, it can be easily done and there won’t be any problem with work timings and pay roll. At the same time, if the shift has to be changed temporarily maybe for a day or earlier shift then these features will help you to do it effortlessly. It will also allow HR manager to calculate the worked hours based on the biometric punches he / she has made thus avoiding any discrepancies.

Shift Exchange

This feature enables exchange of shifts between two employees upon approval. It is mutually beneficial & reduces labour-intensive work which includes data compliance with that of their shift timing. Automation of Shift time tracking process will facilitate HR manager to simply swap the shift between any two employees.

Employee Work Report

The employee can easily track their shift details, working time reports using their login credential. Each employee can view these reports on weekly and monthly basis. It helps employees to keep track of the work hours target and help in improving their and overall company’s productivity.

To conclude, this feature assists HR managers to manage the complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click with complete accuracy. Choose TimeCheck software that facilitates shift management easily & efficiently. View our product demo to know more.

Leverage Technology to Automate & Streamline Workforce Data

Every Business has started leveraging on technology to automate their everyday tasks. People accept that to drive business & to get a competitive edge in business operation using technology. Most entrepreneurs view this as a necessary expense as workforces are the biggest asset of the company, and to ease laborious work automation becomes important and essential.

To manage employee time & attendance, business owners implement enterprise level web-based software that relieves executive workload, attention demands and reduce probability of errors. TimeCheck is an Enterprise level application which will help organizations to track their employee’s time & attendance details at reduced costs. This software replaces paper and obsolete timesheets with more accurate solution, when being customized to your needs.

  • TimeCheck can effectively automate & simplify time-consuming routine process of organizing employees’ attendance data, against the allocated shifts and approved leaves
  • With this tool at your place you can allocate permanent / temporary shifts and do shift exchange on need basis in a much simpler way
  • It helps you to define & configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, calculation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly
  • It enhances efficiency and improves productivity by allowing employee to submit their leave well in advance & request for approval from authorized personnel.
  • With easy-to-use technology you can works seamlessly and generate reports in different formats for effective analysis and decision making

By implementing Time & Attendance software system in your organization, you can get complete time and attendance reports with a click of a button. This data insight will improve productivity by regular monitoring of employees time & attendance and reduce costs. For time record you can integrate the application with Smartcard or Biometric terminals across the organization, including remote locations over the internet or intranet. There are possibilities to group multiple companies and bring Organization’s hierarchical reporting structure in a user-friendly manner.

Businesses of all sizes utilize TimeCheck – Time Management Software, to manage effectively and simplify HR & Timekeeping process.

3 factors why time & attendance software is more valuable than a manual process?

Time and attendance software plays a pivotal role in regulating employee time, attendance and payroll activities in business organizations and work places. Almost every organizations & companies, irrespective of their size and industry have implemented this software, as it make tracking the attendance of employees far easier than various other customary methods.

Time and attendance software is used for a range of purposes like shift management, overtime management, leave & permission management, discrepancy management and many more. But you may think can’t these be done manually? Are humans not capable of doing it? How was it done earlier, before the advent of software? It can be, but software has core value that makes it smarter than the human process. Three core factors of Time & Attendance Software that brings value to the business are

Improve Productivity – A time and attendance tracking software can cut-down the manual work like attendance monitoring, shift time tracking, payroll management etc. In this way it helps employers or managers to effectively manage their employees in transparent manner and improves workforce productivity.

Time & Cost saving – With an effective time and attendance software, you can easily manage the attendance data of an employee like shift timing, leave approval and calculate the payroll without any error. This simplifies the hectic routine of manual verification thus saving you cost and time involved in the process.

Robust Security – This software can give flexibility for the organization hierarchy and you can define the privileges for all users for accessing the respective modules in organization level thus protecting sensitive employee information from everyone except the authorized persons.

The above said points may be very simple but they are very sensitive factors as all these factors are prone to human error and manipulation. The time & attendance management software put off these flaws in human methods thus presenting you with a more organized and efficient organization that you have dreamt of.

Timecheck is a web based time and attendance software that can adapt to your organization rules and it moulds to the hierarchy structure of the company thus making it easy for you to manage your employees and the process involved around it. Give our software a try, request for a demo.

Value added features of a time and attendance software

Bygone are the days of card punching & attendance sheets, employee time and attendance tracking has become an easier task with the development of time & attendance software and biometric devices. A lot of time and attendance management software are present in the market, but the product we buy needs to be designed with good understanding of the domain to stand out in the market.

This software helps you to monitor attendance, shift time, leave, permission, overtime & other payroll related activities with ease thus reducing the labour and time generally needed for these tasks and increasing overall productivity. In general time and attendance software should do this in addition should have certain other essential features that can boost up the value of a time and attendance software.

With time and attendance tracking you can enhance the user interaction and make the whole process easier

  • Flexible working hour calculation to avoid constraints on the shift timings of employee.
  • Month Closure and Year Closure features to organize the data thus avoiding discrepancies.
  • Configurable data collection mechanism from various databases including remote locations that is compatible with most biometric devices.
  • User security and privilege settings to disable sensitive employee details, information to be viewed by persons other than the privileged users.
  • Easily generate custom reports like leave, permission, late entry reports etc and export them in any format you need.

TimeCheck is one such enterprise grade, web based time and attendance tracking software in the market. With its gamut of features that covers all facets of employee time and attendance management TimeCheck has always been a value addition to our customer firm.

A Quick Overview of TimeCheck’s Unique Features

TimeCheck is enterprise grade web-based Time Management Software for processing time recorded using any Industry standard Smartcard or Biometric terminals across the company, effectively integrated in remote locations over the intranet or Internet.

Some of the unique features of TimeCheck are Shift Management, Overtime Management, Discrepancy Management, Extensive Reports and Leave & Permission Management, Holiday Management, Month & Year Closure Feature, Organization Management, User Security Management, Employee Management. The world of work is changing rapidly and many organizations are working round the clock. Employees should be able to understand the implications of the changes in their daily work routine to help them appreciate their involvement towards the business goals. In all possibility, TimeCheck’s Shift Management feature helps you in allocating shifts, temporary shifts and implementing shift swap between any two employees in a much easier way than you have ever expected in Time and Attendance Software never before.

TimeCheck’s Overtime Management feature helps you to describe and organize overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, computation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly and assists with the time-consuming job of preparing payroll. With TimeCheck’s Discrepancy Management feature you can fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an Employee forgets to bring his swipe card, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT or has to travel outstation on-duty.

TimeCheckTime and Attendance Management Software provides Extensive Reports for your analysis and decision making data in different formats like PDF, excel and word to improve your time & attendance operations and reduce expenses. With TimeCheck’s Leave & Permission Management feature, employee can login to submit his / her leave request & any authoritative personnel and HR or Department Manager can either approve or reject your leave application.

Holiday Management is one of the unique features of TimeCheck and offers you a wide range of flexibility to define Global Holidays common to all and Restricted Holidays that can be availed on approval against the quota defined. Splitting of Global and Restricted Holidays is one of the distinctive features offered by TimeCheck, which gives flexibility to the employees and management to selectively choose the region specific holidays for each and every employee.

TimeCheck’s Month Closure feature allows the authorized personnel to process the attendance data of employee by proper verification of discrepancies and re-process the data based on the changes. If suppose you want to calculate employees leave arrears and transfer his arrears to the next successive year, TimeCheck’s Year Closure management helps you calculate his leave arrears and transfer his arrears to the next successive year.

With TimeCheck’s Organization Management, you can easily define organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and so on. Besides you can group multiple companies and manage their organization level hierarchy in a user-friendly manner.

TimeCheck’s User Security Management moulds to the organization’s hierarchical reporting structure and protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers and limits supervisors or managers with only their relevant information.

TimeCheck’s Employee Management assists you to configure employee’s personal & official details like Employee Name, Employee Address, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Department (Organization Level), Designation, etc. TimeCheck allows you to map the leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy with the employee in a much easier way.

TimeCheck also ensures on-time payment of salaries, when integrated with payroll software. It protects sensitive employee information with comprehensive security layers limiting supervisors or managers with access to only their relevant information as per the organization hierarchy. As such, TimeCheck Software provides support to all employees to enhance regular attendance at work and companies can monitor all employee time utility.