Time to Re-Think About Automating Your Time and Attendance System

Do you find it difficult to collect all the time keeping sheets, manage them and get proper data on employee Time & attendance? The answer to this question is very simple “As times change, we need to change too. For instance, earlier organizations used to do time keeping manually and they also did using punch cards. Today those methods are old-fashioned and current trend is eliminating the inadequate spreadsheet schedules and automating this employee time and attendance with biometric technology. Time and attendance software has much more than it is given credit for.

A recent study undergone states that organizations which made use of automated biometric attendance software has decreased errors, buddy punching as well increased in the utilization of workforce capacity by 11%. To maximize business productivity and eliminate time consuming manual process make a point to bid goodbye to the traditional ways of timekeeping and adopt the new technology available.

With TimeCheck Employee Time tracking software your HR manager no need to spend hours in cross-checking and calculation of payroll instead can set shift rosters, access employee time and attendance data in real time, store and retrieve employee time and attendance data on a single click and make informed decisions

Leverage ANGLER’s TimeCheck time tracking software to simplify your workforce time & attendance management. With this Employee Time Tracking Software you can streamline time &attendance processes and substantially increase workforce productivity, have control over lateness and absenteeism as well manage employee time professionally and efficiently. By deploying customized methods you will be able to help your business in more ways than one. To benefit from a scalable solution contact us

Simplify Employee Time Tracking Process and Maximize Productivity With Timecheck

The main purpose of installing attendance management system in organizations is to bring in discipline among employees. By automating time & attendance, organizations have witnessed significant and tangible benefits. time and attendance solutions helps organizations to automatically record employee like in/out minutes, attendance, absenteeism, overtime, on duty, shift records, holiday &leave details and thereby maximize employee productivity and minimize operating costs.

In these technology driven times, automating your business with a time and attendance software free up HR manager from strategic tasks and assists him to perfectly create schedules that align labour with forecasted demand and increase productivity across various departments in the organisation. Organizations that utilize the latest advances accomplish measurable gains.

Being fair and just system it improves data accuracy, reduces discrepancies and employee morale in the workplace. Configure and customize Time & Attendance software according to your organization rules and simplify Employee Time tracking process. Implementing employee time attendance tracking software helps oprganisations to get real-time information, actionable insight which in turn would assist them control labour cost.

Furthermore, with this employee time tracking system you can better control payroll costs and stay competitive in today’s marketplace. For more information on TimeCheck application you can contact us.

Why Time & Attendance Software is Important for Manufacturing Companies?

Manufacturing & Engineering companies depends upon overall operational efficiency to gain profits and compete in today’s global marketplace. It is not just the production or sales that determine the efficiency of manufacturing units; they have to face in employee management.

With a large number of employees working in various departments, shifts and the presence of contract labours makes it hard for companies to manage the employees effectively. Manually managing large number of employees, their leave & permission, shifts, contract labours, lunch breaks, payroll etc is definitely a hard-hitting job which consumes a lot of time and resources and also prone to errors. This is where Time and attendance software comes in.

Fully integrated Employee Time Attendance software can help manufacturers in reducing management costs by streamlining employee leave, attendance, shifts etc and increase employee productivity thus increasing overall efficiency of the company.

So why Time and Attendance software is important for Manufacturing industries?

  • Manage Employee Leave and Attendance effectively thus avoiding miscalculation in salaries.
  • Monitor entry, exit, late entry, permission, lunch breaks of employees and increase production
  • Define & monitor organization level hierarchy like Company, Region, Branch, Department and also Group multiple companies and manage their organization level hierarchy.
  • Easily allocate regular and temporary shifts for ‘n’ number of employees using shift management features.
  • Shift Pattern and Shift Roaster features to assign shifts for a huge or complex workforce in just a single click.
  • Ability to manage contract labours separately thus avoiding discrepancies in payroll calculation.
  • Year Closure features to carry forward the leave balances to the next year.
  • Integrate with payroll software for impeccable payroll calculation.
  • Extensive level of reports with various filtering options for better insights and analysing employee productivity.

Effective employee management means increase in operational efficiency which in turn leads to increased productivity thus increase in profits for the company. In this fast growing competitive world, many manufacturing units, be it small or large are opting for Time and Attendance software to take care of their employee management related issues.

If you think that the above points match your organizational needs, then it is time to integrate your company with our Employee Time & Attendance management software. We are just a form away, Send us your requirements by filling out the form here, we will get back to you.

Reasons for Why Organizations Need Automated Timekeeping

Timekeeping is of paramount important for every employer & also for businesses with remote employees. Automated Timekeeping helps organizations to streamline operations, reduce labour cost and help maximize returns. Every entrepreneur seeks practical ways to minimize cost & maximize revenues. By implementing Timecheck Time & attendance management solutions organizations can monitor daily time records, manage shifts and handle time-based allowances easily efficiently and at lower administrative costs.

Listed are the main reasons for why organizations need automated Timekeeping

  • Minimize Labor Costs – By installing an automated timekeeping system employers can lessen money spend on employee.
  • Reduce Administrative Costs – Reduce human errors and minimize hours required to organize payroll.
  • Stop Employee time theft– Employers can eliminate “buddy punching,” leaving early, arriving late, long lunches, extended breaks etc.
  • Avoid disputes – By accurately tracking employee work hours, labour disputes can be avoided.
  • Employee liability – Automation of timekeeping makes employee more punctual.
  • Increase Profitability –Manage human capital effectively and lets employees concentrate on value-generating activities rather than routine tasks.
  • Reports Visibility– Make supervisors to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts.
  • Manage Workforce –Supervisors can easily manage employee leaves, shift and track total staff coverage
  • Employee Morale – Employees will be satisfied and he won’t worry about getting paid accurately for their time.
  • Business Profitability -By properly managing employees’ time business profitably can be achieved.

Automated timekeeping solutions keeps your business running at greater competence. For more information, contact Timecheck.

Why Time and Attendance Becomes a Basic Necessity?

In the present age organizations know the importance of having accurate data to manage their employees. Every day they are facing different challenges to get a clear picture of employee time & attendance. Technology has created a noticeable impact on every sector and there have been a major change in the method tracking and monitoring employee’s time and attendance, the older method of tracking details was carried manually, but now the practice exists no more, punching cards and biometric time clock are the latest adapted trends. These automated systems were directly linked to computers/server to maintain proper record of the entry and exit details of the employees. Organization find this Time and attendance solutions as an important need to run a business.

Need to have time and attendance

Managing & Tracking the Employee Time & Attendance is a complex challenge. We all know it’s hard to keep eyes on all employees in various work environments also it’s too difficult to guess on what each one is doing. Time and attendance solutions from Timecheck can be a major benefit for corporate organizations that prefer to minimize the time spent on administration tasks.

Time & attendance Software becomes a basic Necessity for all small, medium sized businesses and large corporations. As it’s a web application that automatically keeps tracking of employee worked hours and allows the employer to manage and view all time and attendance related reports instantly.

Benefits of having Time and attendance solutions

  • • Process weekly work hours automatically
  • • Forecast payroll costs based on rosters
  • • Calculate a wide range of allowances
  • • Track labour costs
  • • View a full history for each employee
  • • Calculating errors can be reduced
  • • Easy-to-adapt features
  • • Leaves can be managed effectively
  • The benefits of a time and attendance system are numerous; managing workforce and payroll Processing will only be accurate with reliable data. Time and attendance systems are Invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance. A proper time and attendance management system that meets your organization’s needs and integrates Payroll calculations are the systems that can lead to a strong return on employee investment and a positive effect on overall Business results.
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Reduce Employee Time theft with Timecheck’s software

Time thefts are one of the common issues employers face in a company / organization. What is Time theft? Generally, there are kind of employees who use techniques such as buddy punching to gain attendance without having to come to office and few others waste their working time in the office to steal time. If the employee is on the clock but doesn’t work then he is stealing time and that is called as Time theft.

To be simple, Time theft happens when an employee gets paid by his/her employer for the work that has not been done. And it is the companies who are paying heavily due to this through high salary & low productivity. According to a study, it is said that an average employee steals 4-5 hours per week which is shockingly high considering the workforce of large scale environments.

When you take a closer look into the issue, the companies that suffer more are the ones that don’t have a proper time and attendance system to monitor & manage employee timekeeping. The four main types of time theft that are prevalent among employees are

  • Buddy Punching
  • Extended breaks
  • Misuse of On duty/sick leave
  • Personal time usage

All these factors cost employers thousands of dollars every year. Big or small, whatever the size of your company maybe, each and every company has to deal with this problem and for those companies with distributed workforce and wide range of shifts & departments this is definitely an issue to arrest.

How to deal with this time theft? Simple, equip yourself with a good, enterprise grade Time & attendance software. TimeCheck is an enterprise grade web based software with robust features to simplify Time & Attendance process. It adapts to any organization’s Time & Attendance business needs & helps managers to track employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts. Thus effectively eliminating employee time theft and improving business productivity.

Worried about Time theft? Need a proper Time and Attendance solution? Contact us to know how our Time and Attendance software will fit your organization rules and enhance your workforce productivity. We are just a form away.

Healthcare workforce management with time and attendance system

Over the last decade, there has been a noticeable change in healthcare industry which had a positive impact on overall growth of the healthcare workforce management system, this happened with the introduction of new innovative solution Time and Attendance system to efficiently manage the healthcare workforce without complexities.

Healthcare organizations employ diverse individuals, and they will be working 24/7 in their respective shifts. As every single individual in this industry should make their presence in every stage of treatment they provide, managing workforce in this atmosphere will be a complex task, and should have proper scheduling of workforce to maintain workflow and deliver quality care to the patients.

The foremost way to streamline such complexities is to track and manage the employee’s time and attendance, with this transparency the administrators or the chief officers in the industry can plan their employee’s shifts and can find the required individual availability.

Time and attendance solutions in healthcare industry will improve operational efficiencies, workforce productivity and bridges the gap between planning & execution of workforce tasks, which has become better to handle discrepancies.

Timely data management with time and attendance solution provides true integration between staff scheduling and payroll, Apart from that few benefits in using these solutions are listed below:

  • • Improves accuracy via automatic time allocation, validation, and processing
  • • Ensures compliance with applicable leaves
  • • Uses real-time data to maintain, open shift management, staff scheduling and payroll
  • • Applies complex, user-defined pay rules to automate time and payroll calculations

Time and attendance solution lets you focus on patients, Not Paperwork. To know more about time and attendance solutions contact us.

How organizations can save time and be more efficient

For every organization it is very vital to continually look for ways & implement strategies to improve and maximize business efficiencies. In day to day life, we could see organization’s which computerize and automate key human resource activities gets significant improvements in productivity. Likewise organizations that implement time & attendance system to enable workforce comply with wage-and-hour regulations are able to enhance efficiency and save money.

Statistics disclose that inaccuracy in payroll calculation alone makes up for a minimum loss of up to 6% of costs. Instead of doing things the way they were done earlier, Automating Time & Attendance processes with biometric devices will immediately help your organization reduce labor costs, additionally will make you free from the routine task of tracking employees work time in timesheets, freeing up managers valid time that would otherwise be spent on dealing with challenges at work. Salary overpayments, time theft, human error, non-compliance to company leave policy etc which are “hidden” costs to the organization can be eliminated.

Integration of Time & Attendance system to keep track of employee attendance accurately against the approved leaves & allocated shifts will improve accuracy and will save time & avoid discrepancies at time of payment. With time & attendance system in place employees will come to know that they are being monitored and will not get away with long breaks or early departures. Great level of insight is possible with Automated Time and Attendance tracking reports. Having this system configured as per business policy will eliminate human errors, compliance violations, time theft, and other time-related issues that lead to revenue leakage. Productivity will automatically increase as the process configured increases accountability & transparency.

With Timecheck, time &attendance tracking software in place organizations can streamline the payroll process and provide HR managers with timely labor data to more effectively manage their workforce and increase overall productivity.

Why time and attendance for Logistics sector?

Globalization and the development of online businesses have transformed logistics into a dynamic and fast-growing sector. Exact delivery, reliability and punctuality are the significant factors and the key route to triumph in logistics sector. Time and attendance software solutions cater to meet the requirements in logistics sector.

Based on a research, companies devoid of an automated time and attendance solution are liable to overpay employees by 1.5% to 10% of gross payroll, because of time theft and error driven calculations.

For logistics sector, it is essential to track the overall time worked by their employees accurately. Without an employee time management solutions, it is an immense challenge to maintain accurate details of time worked by employees. Time and attendance software helps to standardize and streamline employee attendance management system by reducing operating costs. In complicated situations, time and attendance software applies the correct standards and work rules to accurately capture employee time. These persuade elimination of overpayments and underpayments resulting in approximately 1-6% gross payroll savings in logistics sector.

Reasons to implement time and attendance software in logistics sector

  • • Manages remote workforce efficiently and effectively, Manage & reduce absences, Track and enforce employee attendance and improve productivity.
  • • Proper shift allocations, reduce overtime expenditures, and keep track of absence practices that are against company policy.Access real-time data so you can view and report on absences, overtime and other issues related to cost and productivity.
  • • Eliminates buddy punching and saves money. Putting an end to buddy punching and other fraudulent practices.

If you need a Time and attendance software solutions, which suits your sector contact us and enhance your workforce management.Click for demo.

How does time check software help businesses save money?

Nowadays in the world of business it is essential to have software’s that helps to reduce the cost and time of a business firm. Either it’s a bigger or smaller business organization they need some basic softwares to overcome their difficulties. TimeCheck, employee time tracking Software is one such kind to overcome the shortcoming in manually processing employee Time & attendance data,

TimeCheck Software helps a business organization to save money in different ways, below listed are few of them

Less Paper Work

In olden days if a person runs a business it requires lot of paper work to follow such as tracking employees shift time manually, calculating payroll process, maintaining employees overtime and leave letters. Now these tasks come under one roof- TimeCheck Software.

Accuracy in billing an Employee

By using this software business organization can pay an employee accurately, as cumulative work hours, leave and permission reports are all calculated using this software efficiently. Hence the organization can save money by paying the exact income for the employee.

Avoid Fraudulent

In case of manual entries there is a chance for negligent professional behavior by the employees, i.e. they can intentionally make a wrong entry in the attendance book. This type of frauds can be avoided by TimeCheck Software where biometric access cannot be manipulated.

Less Human Workforce

Business organizations have various departments that need human workforce within the campus in every department entrance gate to verify the manual entries of employees “In and Out”. With TimeCheck Software there is no need for human workforce, as the entrance access can be used only by an employee who has the privilege of entering the department.

Work Order Management

If an employee taking a day off on the client delivery date, the leave intimation will be known prior to the project head from the TimeCheck Software, so that he can make an alternative to deliver the project to the client on right time thus saving money and trust of the organization.

With the use of the TimeCheck Software (enterprise grade web based software) a business organization can effectively maintain the Time, Attendance system effectively and save money.

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