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Boosting Attendance Policy Adherence with an Advanced Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application Improves Worker’s Productivity

Advanced Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application

Boosting Attendance Policy Adherence with an Advanced Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application Improves Worker’s Productivity


Client is a leading fastener manufacturer & exporter in India. With over 4 decades in the industry they deliver standard products to a wide and varied clientele, including many MNCs. Their vision is to keep their product portfolio evolving with the changing needs of industrial sectors they serve.

Problem Outline

They did not have a system in place to integrate the attendance shift based policy along with the Hardware device punches. Moreover, centralizing their attendance with face station & multiple units, managing shifts & overtime manually got production manager time involved each time to confirm OT hrs. Also, manual shift allocation took 4 days’ time for 2-member team and accuracy level too was only around 83%.

To overcome this time-consuming process and bring in accuracy one significant step they decided to take up is implement advanced attendance management software to manage their attendance policies and eliminate manual timekeeping methods, also address issues such as absenteeism and tardiness, which can negatively impact productivity.

 Solution Summary

Our solution was modular and focused on their business needs. We customized our Time & Attendance software product to adhere their attendance rules configured and streamline shift creation process by overcoming the shortfalls they faced previously.

They needed to maintain the overtime working hours separately apart from regular shifts, our advanced attendance tracking software enabled them to maintain it easily in real time with great visibility to policy compliance and paved way to avoid industry penalties which in turn saved then 32% of extra spent cost.

Quick dashboard reports with live updates reduced the risk of errors. frees up production manager time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as quality control and production planning.

Integration of mobile app can be used to communicate with employees about shift schedules and changes. Managers can use mobile devices to send messages to employees, providing them with important information about their shift schedules.


  • As the Time & Attendance Application is compatible with all face recognition and biometric devices client was able to eliminate the need for their businesses to continually purchase new devices as technology advances.
  • Mobile integration in attendance software was incredibly helpful for shift management. Real-time tracking, remote access, alerts and notifications, improved communication and increased accuracy
  • Automated time keeping reduced the risk of non-compliance with labor laws and the potential penalties that come with it.
  • By addressing attendance issues promptly, businesses can improve worker productivity and minimize the impact of absenteeism on production targets.

With advanced attendance software, businesses can achieve their production targets and stay competitive. Contact Us to Schedule a Demo and to learn more about how Timecheck attendance software can benefit your business.