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Client belongs to digital advertising agency. They design & deliver enduring solutions for their clients and help them to capture market’s attention, by communicating in new ways.

Business Requirement

Client requirement was to create category wise work hours for staffs / workers, declare the working hours for a week individually for each category, allocate multiple shift for an employee in a single day and to get a track report of the same. They specifically want the application to immediately record employee punches. In addition to the above, they preferred to have a provision to modify /approve the employee overtime worked hours by evaluating their overtime outputs.

Solution Offered

We provided TimeCheck, Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application with Dashboard feature. The dashboard in the landing page of the application will display employee data like Present / Absent / Leave / On Duty etc.

By selecting the required shift user can get the data of Shift wise Shift In employee count and exact employee name can be known using the separate link provided. With the help of Cumulative work week hrs report client can easily find whether each employee has adhered to his / her respective weekly work hours.

In the application we have given separate provisions for each employee category to configure the week start day and total hours to be worked. Customized requirement like assign multiple shifts (Early morning, Night shift) for employees of security category is also done.

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