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Time & Attendance Management Software for Valve Manufacturing Industry

Time & Attendance Management Software

Time & Attendance Management Software for Valve Manufacturing Industry


Client owns an integrated valves manufacturing unit catering a broad range of industries including Plumbing, HVAC, Fire-Fighting, Power, Oil & Gas, Steel & Mining, Boilers, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals & Fertilizers, LNG, Cryogenic & Marine.

Problem Outline

They needed an effective Time & Attendance Management, Shift Management, Overtime Compliance Tracking Solution to capture attendance for a large workforce. They want the attendance tracking software with all necessary features to adhere their internal practices and keep the team on track, well organized and productive.

Solution Summary

Automated Timesheet

We provided them our Timecheck software –a latest time tracking software system that is designed for today’s dynamic workforce, to automate and precisely track your team’s time. It offers real-time access to data, providing businesses greater visibility and flexibility in managing employee schedules. This function allows employees manage shifts and overtime schedules etc in the way they feel most comfortable, easily manage clear dynamic attendance policies with differential shifts and comp-off policies

Mobile workforce time tracking

Mobile app enablement turns employee’s Android or iOS Phone into a mobile attendance tracking system, with this HR manager can capture mobile workforce employees time and location on each contractor sites. Integration of mobile app with the web application of Time & attendance helped their HR team manage the deployed employees time count at each location.

Attendance Tracking with Mobile GPS

To eliminate potential time theft, you can even set up a digital geofence around your workplace, so that employees can only clock-in or out from that area. This particular data was very useful for the HR to client to see how much time is spent exactly on a specific project or client, as well it’s useful for billing and invoicing purpose.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

Our Timecheck, time & attendance software application is compatible with various biometric, face devices at the entry/exit areas of the premises. Without manual intervention attendance report can be taken as an output from the device in a specific format that can be imported to payroll ERP software.


  • Stops fraudulent time practices & improves productivity by 23%
  • Helps manage absences in Shifts & improves resource availability
  • Facilitates reporting in real time & saves operational cost by 37%
  • Reduces compliancy risks & stay compliant