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Attendance Monitoring Solution for Service Sector

Attendance Monitoring Solution for Service Sector

Client is a representative who appoints employees in various service sectors, across various locations of the city.

Business Requirement

Client’s employees are employed in various service sectors including Theatres, Hotels, Banks, Malls, Hospitals spread across various locations of the city. They were in need of an attendance monitoring software that facilitates them to monitor the employee attendance even from a remote location.

Solution Offered

TimeCheck time & attendance software application is configured to meet each & every need. Actually the key challenge we need to overcome here is monitor employee attendance at various location, in each location member strength may differ from minimal 4 to maximum 25 members. While supervisor visits the respective location he should be able to monitor the resources presence by tracking the in punch in the respective work area towards the shift. This sort of verification is done twice or thrice in a day at different timing to ensure his presence all through the day.

TimeCheck application is customized with provisions to update the designation of each individual employee, configure the no of shift that designation demands and much more. In addition, shift allocation screen is slightly modified with option to select client, on selection the various designation they have with them will be loaded, there the user can select his employee and shift and go with the allocation for multiple days.

Staff scheduling report will allow user to select multiple clients and generate the reports. It will display details of each employee, their respective posts, shift they work in and at which client place. Further for better insight a separate module is developed to update client details on supervisor visit count & attendance marking count.


  • Manage employees’ attendance effortlessly
  • Gain customer loyalty by providing professional service
  • Easily do employee selection for diverse client
  • Better visibility on employee designation & their shift data
  • Collect Staff scheduling report for better insight