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Time & Attendance Solutions for a leading Bank in UAE

Time & Attendance Solutions for a leading Bank in UAE

The client is located in Sharjah and operating with 14 branches throughout the UAE. The Bank offer its clients tailor-made financial services in both corporate and retail banking and has mainly established itself as a leading solutions provider for a growing commercial and industrial base across the seven emirates.

Business Requirement

Client needed Time & Attendance solution with the following features.

  • Need to handle the attendance for various employees and staff of different grade levels
  • In Discrepancy Management, it is required to add punch types
  • Other Swipes report which holds Official IN / OUT, Lunch IN / Lunch OUT, likewise other than standard IN / OUT
  • Standard features of TimeCheck product such as Online Leave Management, Online Permission Management, Approval Process, Shift Handling and Standard Reports of Time & Attendance with Biometric devices integration

Technologies Used

ASP.NET, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL Server

Solution Offered

TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance solution has been provided to the client with the following features.

  • Given all the punch types on Discrepancy module, so if staff is missing to punch either IN / OUT then the appropriate discrepancy can be raised
  • By implementing Other Swipes report the user can take all the employees Other Swipes report for the required duration which is outstanding from normal IN / OUT
  • Integration of Biometric device with TimeCheck Application
  • Organization Management feature to define organization level hierarchy like Bank, Region, Branch, and Department. In each level users will be segregated and controlled by User Group
  • Standard reports of Time & Attendance such as Online Leave Application & Approval, Online Permission Application & Approval, etc.
  • Year Closure features to carry forward the leave balances to next year
  • Audit Trial Handling and Manual Time Entry options


  • Effective Discrepancy Management for missed out / odd punches
  • Successful integration of Biometric device with TimeCheck application
  • Web based employee leave request and approval process
  • Generation of reports in various formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.