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Centralized attendance monitoring solution for employee relocation among branches

Centralized attendance monitoring solution for employee relocation among branches


Client owns 3 multi cuisine restaurant, they are famed for serving food lovers with a range of delicacies as per local preferences.

Business Requirement

They have staffs moving from one branch to other, they also have a system to get the work location data on daily basis, but there is no system to inform about the shift they worked / need to work on that location. At times even after allocating the work location to the staff its difficult in the attendance execution part, and unable to identify the employees in the branches, so they were in need of a centralized attendance is required to monitor all the branches effectively.

Solution Provided

Timecheck Time & Attendance Management software was provided to the client for centralized attendance management. We customized the application with shift allocation module, so now they were able to assign the shift along with working location. In addition, we also provided them the feature to monitor all the branches effectively and if any department staff is not present in any branch, we gave option to check the live attendance for all the branches and if any staff of any department in the branch is absent means through our system they can find other staffs who are all available in future shifts with the same skillset.

In the Daily Attendance report, we have provided the employee Image as the first field value so that they could easily allocate the replacement resource generate the report on branch wise and cross check whether the staff joined.


  • Admin / HR can fix the working location along with shift allocation for the employee
  • Report can be easily generated in the centralized system of each branch
  • Staffs themselves can check about their shift and work location details
  • Branch manager can get department wise details of the staffs along with images for work and in which department for coming week
  • Timely allocation of staff with similar skill set for any branch is possible when any staff from any skill set is absent