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Centralized Time & Attendance Monitoring Solution for Shipping & Logistics Industry

Centralized Attendance Monitoring software

Centralized Time & Attendance Monitoring Solution for Shipping & Logistics Industry


Freight forwarding & Logistics solution providing company that always looks forward to provide technologically advanced support system at every stage to improve their offerings.

Problem Outline

They had a problem with their current attendance tracking software application as it showed absent for employees whom work day started but shift time not started.

They were unable to plan the shift and they manually have to call staffs on any urgency rise & see to the day attendance for logged hrs. and schedule additional OT based on Eligibility.

HR team from Client’s HO received the attendance data from biometric devices placed in each unit, as some discrepancies occurred due to manual follow-up and productivity got down with the resources, production manager has to get involved with attendance confirmation for OT hrs every month.

Solution Summary

We heard their pains and suggested a modular solution that focused on client’s core business needs. Our customized Time and attendance monitoring solution connected all 10 of their working units lively and handled all punches, for ex. Clearly calculated individual work hrs, those kept in their shift time and those kept randomly, OT hrs detail.

ZK device integration enabled centralized attendance possible and HR managers can manage employee shift planned and discrepancy head count if any raised against the same, dashboards report the same immediately as live update.

Now they can clearly manage overtime, dynamic attendance policies for multi levels of staff categories and avoid industry penalties. The data coming from biometric Device module is processed with reference to the Company Policy and benefits the users as it’s data driven.

Outcome / Result

  • The Employee Self Service module brings in attendance corrections requested by the employees.
  • Attendance Summary is directly integrated with Payroll for processing without manual intervention.
  • As Mobile application is available with the web application we can improve user management and visibility by 35%
  • Save 32% of operational cost by curbing extra spent on overtime and ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • Centralized implementation & mobile app integration improves overall productivity and benefits the organization by 26%

We have the best attendance monitoring software solutions for companies located in multiple cities, countries. This application is compatible with many Face, Fingerprint, RFID, devices available in the market. For details book a free demo and know more.

Client Testimonials

We are extremely pleased with Timecheck Attendance Software that solved all the challenges we had with managing shift allocation, overtime management and employee work hrs discrepancy management. Now with this application we are able to centralize multi location attendance, improve our efficiency by saving HR time being spent unnecessarily into handling multiple attendance policies implied for multi-level staff categories.