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Leave Management Solution Client

Client belongs to a leading IT company, offering offshore outsourcing services that helps clients to redefine their business activities and increase process efficiency.


Business Requirement

Solution required by the client is provision for comp- off leave, bonus hour’s entry & medical leave management. They preferred to have these in two different ways and it should map based on approval authorities’ decision.


Solution Provided

We provided Timecheck Application with an option to enable the comp-off leave management within one year or across years’ option to map the validity dates respectively & calculate accordingly. Besides we also gave a special provision for medical leave category, being a mandatory option user has to attach the report for sanctioning authority.


Further to the above facility, the sanction authority can further view the reports & based on the eligibility criteria he can repost the sanctioned days which may differ from that of applied. Apart from the above solutions we also gave bonus hours’ entry provision under worked hours of the day, where any department head’s can pick any of their team member & provide him incentive bonus hours even without punch records based on performance days and compensation leave can be availed against the same.

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