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Contract Labour Management Module with Reporting Template for Paper Industry

Contract Labour Management Module with Reporting Template for Paper Industry

Client is into production of papers for over four decades. With extensive range of products, they meet the ever growing demands of the printing world.

Business Requirement

Time and Attendance application software with specialized feature to trigger mail with labor photo to HR / Supervisor / Department Manager after 20 mins of Shift Start time. They need provision to transfer the worker from one contractor to another contractor, though they are inside the same industry they will work for various contractors within various duration’s.

Solution Provided

  • We specifically designed the software with exclusive report template for reporting the shift in details of their contract labors which carries the following details like Image of the labor / labor Code / Department they need to work for the day / Day Reported Time / Late Mins if any.
  • We included New contractor module which provides the facility to update the Contractor details along with the provision to map the contract labors respectively to the Contractor code.
    Labor Transfer module is developed in the time and attendance tracking software application to transfer the labors from one contractor to another contractor based on their requests. Client can do this change in the middle of any day whereas previously it can be done only on month start.


  • Shift drill process is getting happened effectively
  • Proxy labor Shift In is getting avoided completely
  • Easy to handle the labor requests regarding the contractor change
  • Feasibility to change in any day start / mid, as per convenience