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Custom Configured Shift Management Software for Education Institution

Custom Configured Shift Management Software for Education Institution

Client belongs to a university that aims to nurture excellence in education and thus foster quality human resource and promote productive research which will benefit the community and wider humanity.

Business Requirement

In the institution the leave policy is such that flexibility in working hours and work timings is applicable for few & the same is not applicable for certain others they asked us to create same shift timings for these two types of staff categories.

In addition to the above criteria, the option of automatic absent marking should be implemented for both kinds of employees.

Care to be taken that absent marking should not happen for flexible work timing staffs doing early exit only after achieving his minimum day hours.

Solution Offered

The TimeCheck software is developed in a very modular fashion keeping in mind the dynamic nature of requirements from various industry verticals. The application was provided with the ability to configure the employee’s eligibility to carrying the flexibility in working hours and work timings.

For staffs with flexi work timing we configured the minimum work hour’s provision in shift master for half day & full day present.

The application is designed to track & account the staff’s total late hrs & early exists, when crosses the set limit of 3 hrs a month the application will start deducting the half day CL for further late comings.

For staffs with flexi work hours accumulation of late mins will be added to the 3 hours account and their early exit will check for minimum hrs met criteria for full day present and if not reached will consider it as absent.

This allowed the institution to utilize the shift management to meet their dynamic needs and let to automation and time saving.


  • Allows managing staffs that uses the same shift but functions to calculate differently
  • Easy management of attendance data for various shifts and scenarios
  • Late deduction based on the business rules
  • Automation including various business scenarios
  • Comprehensive Shift management