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Customization of Timecheck application for automatic leave types generation & calculation

Customization of Timecheck application for automatic leave types generation & calculation

Client is from a government Institute that conserves the tropical plant genetic resources and develop strategies for their sustainable utilization.

Business Requirement

They were in need of Timecheck application with provision to calculate employee leaves as per their leave policy. The web application has to generate EL leaves for every 12 -16 days present, further if an employee has already taken 9CML & currently he has applied one more then the application by itself has to detect 2 Half Paid Leave & I earned leave. The leave report generated has to be customized with a logic and they need it to be generated from 16th to next month 15th.

Solution Provided

We designed the application with custom features as per client requirement, now leave deductions report will be automatically generated from mid of this month to mid of next month. The logic defined behind the leave calculation is.

  • Tracking & adding the late shift in arrival minutes, early exit timing minutes, outpass time in separate columns and the total time needs to be updated in the separate column, value up to 180 minutes separately & that of 240 & above separately as respective slabs has defined salary deductions.
  • Further the application will generate 1 EL automatically for every 12.16 days present, will deduct 1 EL & 2 HPL automatically if employee has already taken 9CML.


  • Maintaining and validating the various types of leave calculation manually
  • By automatically deriving all the leave logics calculation HR team remains stress free
  • Timely leave quota generating & leave deducting concepts makes payroll team feel relaxed
  • Monitoring & total time value check of respective employees Shift in delays, Early exists, Out pass time etc saves organization cost.