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Client belongs to a government which play a key role in conserving natural resources for future generation

Business Requirement

They were in need of custom solution to effectively handle their employee Time & Attendance. In specific, they asked for

  • Early & late hrs calculation exception provision for all employees in particular on Saturdays & Mondays.
  • Attendance discrepancy approval need to be got approved systematically from their respective department authority with appropriate reason.
  • Encashment leaves available should not be utilized in full and always 15 days need to be maintained as the minimum balance.
  • Half Pay Medical Leave no’s availed by employee should be doubled automatically and calculated.

Solution Provided

We incorporated the specific rule of permitting 1.5 hrs late on Monday Shift in and 1.5 hrs Early Exit on Saturday Shift out for the employees and as by week they need to meet the work hrs.

Discrepancy module is developed with predefined reasons, individual can raise discrepancy request by selecting the appropriate reason, attendance punch missed by employee for a particular day will automatically get segregated under 3types (Under Late / Early / Missing) and on approval by authorities it will be updated.

Every year each employee will get few days under encashment leave, system will allow them to utilize it twice in a year and at the same time a minimum of 15 days need to be left in their leave quota.

We incorporated their rule in leave module function and if 1 Half Pay Leave is applied under general category then 1 single day and if applied under medical 2 days will be reduced from the HPL Quota.

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  • By bringing this rule they can save time & no need to validate late entry and early exit reports specifically for these 2days.
  • Data accuracy was achieved as old procedure & wrong benefits utilization of employees has been reduced.
  • Earlier approval authority will check the value restrictions manually and then approve but now no need to do any manual validations.
  • This dynamic approach in leave management has simplified leave quota management for all employees

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