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The client is a private, non-sectarian institution of higher learning who offers both under-graduate and post-graduate degrees and a Certificate courses in Middle East region.

Business Requirement
Client needed Time & Attendance solution to handle and maintain their Staff, Students Attendance records. Holiday details need to be managed in the application. The record of attendance information has to be viewed online through the application.

Technologies Used
ASP.NET, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL Server

Solution Offered
TimeCheck’s Time & Attendance solution has been provided to the client with the following features.

  • TimeCheck Employee Management assists the user to configure Staff & Students personal & official details like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Department, Designation, etc.
  • Using TimeCheck the user can map the leave policy details and Leave reporting hierarchy of the Staff & Student
  • An import option for importing Staff & Student data profile into the application without the need for tedious manual data entry
  • TimeCheck gives the user to provide a wide range of flexibility to define Global Holidays common to all and Restricted Holidays can be configured towards the organization hierarchy level like Branch-wise / Region-wise
  • Extensive list of reports with various filtering options including Monitoring Reports such as late reports, attendance reports, and exception reports like early exit, late exit report for better insights and further analysis
  • Using TimeCheck Leave & Permission Management, Staff can login and submit their leave request, any authorized personnel like HR / ADMIN can view the leave request, eligibility details & either approve or reject his leave application
  • An e-mail will be automatically triggered with the appropriate status like Pending, Forwarded, Approved and Rejected to all stakeholders in this process
  • TimeCheck is an web based application so it can be accessible through online from anywhere, anytime

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