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Employee Annual Leave Management System for an Aviation Industry

Employee Annual Leave Management System for an Aviation Industry

Client is an internet space provider offering top level domain registration service & maintaining directories for aviation businesses & services.

Business Requirement

Client was in need of a reliable leave management system to manage their employee annual leave accruals, and absence efficiently.

  • In their existing leave management system they were willing to have a provision to carry over their previous year leaves accruals to current year
  • As per employee leave policy employees’ must be able to take carry over previous year leave and apply for 10 days leave alone from the previous fiscal year without any constrain.
  • They also wished to have special carry over annual leave request which will cover the no of days other than allowed carry over leave limit of 10 days.
  • The constraints mentioned were
  • Care to be taken that previous year’s annual leave carryover days privilege and benefits to be taken forward previous year to the current year but in no case to next subsequent fiscal year
  • Sanctioning authority must have additional option to discard and move a certain no of leave days which is requested under special carry over by the employee to Encasement days
  • For sick leaves employee must have provision to upload the medical certificate

Solution offered

Our Timecheck Software professionals derived custom employee annual leave management software as per their leave policy.

  • After year closure being done employees remaining not taken annual leave will be automatically transferred to the next year but will not get added to the current fiscal year leave instead maintained separately.
  • The application developed was quite different from the regular leave application request, here employee can raise the single annual leave request with mulitple splitup like
  • Requesting days from current year quota
  • Requesting days from carry over annual leave
  • Requesting days from carry over annual leave with special request & Encasement request
  • For each employee The system built will automatically validate if allowed limit of previous year carry over annual leave got completed only the special request application slot gets enabled
  • Sanctioning authority will have a provision to reduce the number of days requested under special category and post it under encasement
  • Addition provision given in the application is uploading of PDF format files are made mandatory for sick leaves taken by employees.


  • The application automated employees carry over annual leave with defined leave policy
  • Special single annual leave request application is customized as per organization rules
  • Sanction authority has option to reject some days and move those under the employees Encasement directly
  • By default system will cut down annual leave carryover from previous year to next year
  • Now for all sick leaves applied medical certificate submission has been made mandatory