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Employee Attendance Monitoring against work order of contractor improves 99% production timeline

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Employee Attendance Monitoring against work order of contractor improves 99% production timeline


A pioneering paper manufacturing company in India with vision to constantly adopt new technology & implement them to maintain competitive advantage.

Problem Outline

Their HR Manager was unable to manage multiple shift employees towards sanctioned work orders and they were also unable to maintain the multiple work order of same contractor. For this they were in need of a modular solution focused on their core business needs. The solution must allow them to create the work order & job card under the contractor, mistakes in shift allocation should not happen. Further the system should let HR Manager to track & control the headcount of each work order and their respective job cards. Production hrs of production managers time should not get into OT hrs confirmation of employees.

Solution Summary

Timecheck software team identified the gaps occurring on taking attendance data live from the biometric device placed at each block of the premises and provided them centralized attendance monitoring solution. ZK device integration enabled them to overcome previous discrepancy raised and manage attendance of employees across multiple units. This exclusive software platform with dashboard will help them manage the shift planned and discrepancy headcount raised against the same.

Now with this tailor made custom attendance management software being installed clear dynamic policy, overtime policy can be managed separately for multiple level of staff categories. As this time & attendance application remains compatible with various market devices, also as integrated mobile app is available along with Time & attendance web application you can integrate the final reports to any payroll ERP System and make timely decision through data driven approach.


  • Centralized Implementation done for 25000 active employees of the client
  • Saves Operational cost by 34%
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Overtime extra spent cost avoided and it saved upto 25%
  • Improved user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improved productivity and benefits by 27%

If your attendance system lacks some critical functionalities like multi-level approvals, mobile submission, and biometric integration of multi locations contact us, we help you to integrates web based time & attendance management system with mobile app.