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Employee Attendance Reporting Module Customized for client business needs

Employee Attendance Reporting Module Customized for client business needs


Client is a leading business organization striving for total customers’ satisfaction by manufacturing, supplying, superior-quality Hydraulic Cylinders

Business Requirement

They were in need of our Time Check Software customized to their current attendance policy with future modification possibility. In specific, attendance reporting has to be designed with many parameters & made useful to analyze various data.

Solution Provided

We customized our Timecheck software functionality as per client requirement, to record individual employee work hrs before shift & after shift, to calculate employee overtime pay for achieving the minimum target hours defined in HR policy.

Further, the reporting module of the software is improved in such a way that HR manager could easily identify employee leave, late to office, employee early shift out, separate colour for out time.

If lunch out punch not done as per instruction, then default hrs set for lunch will be detected from total work hrs..

Separately excess & discrepancy hrs punch detail is to be tracked & kept to consider reducing defined hours from the employee total working hours. Apart from these, they preferred to get separate highlights for employee missing the punches by just doing any one punch alone on a working day, week day, holiday.


  • Employee will get the overtime benefits if he satisfies the minimum OT hours (considering both Before and After their shift time)
  • Detailed Time sheet report with all discussed parameters tracking enabled with different colour code for each category
  • Minimum overtime hrs eligibility set with future modification possibility as redefined in company HR policy
  • One General Attendance report with all the observations to help Hr Manager track the employees those who deviated various policy measurable at one shot with various highlights