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Employee Attendance Tracking Application for Construction Companies

Employee Attendance Tracking Application for Construction Companies

Client belongs to a construction company which has the greatest challenge of tracking the employee timings and their various shifts as they work around the clock

Business Requirement

Client requirement was to get data of employees who are shift In, details on employee’s week work hours adherence, provision to allocate multiple shift for an employee in a single day (especially for Securities in their work place)

Solution Offered

We provided Timecheck, Time & Attendance Tracking Software Application with Dashboard feature. The dashboard given in the landing page of the application will display employee data like Present / Absent / Leave / On Duty etc. By selecting the required shift user can get the Data of Shift wise Shift In employee count. Exact employee name can be known using the separate link provided.

In the application separate provisions has been given to configure the week start day and total hours to be worked for each employee category. By making use of the Cumulative work week hrs report client can easily retrieve the data and find whether each employee has adhered their respective weekly work hours for whole month. Specifically, we have customized the application for the security category of employee, here client can assign multiple shifts (Early morning, Night shift) for a day to specific security.


  • Easy to check for the details of employee who are all IN for the specific shifts
  • Shift in employee reports can be viewed seamlessly at the dashboard.
  • Cumulative reports provide individual employee work week hrs adherence data
  • Manage Overtime paid employees and Multiple shift working employees separately
  • Customization enables tracking the exact work hrs of the employee in the job locations/sights