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Employee Project Allocation & Overtime Management Solution

Employee Project Allocation & Overtime Management Solution

The Client is a 25 year old leading group of companies with its presence in more than 8 industry verticals including trading, baking, automation, oil field development etc in UAE with over 900 employees working for them.

Business Requirement

With around 36 branches in various parts of UAE & with 900 employees working on various shops the client was facing major difficulty in project allocation & shift allocation for employees. Actually the same employee will be working on different projects in a same week. Another difficulty the client faced was preparing the data for the number of projects & hours each employee have worked in a particular month. The client wanted a real time solution for handling the above problems along with the provision to generate report for location / project wise employee overtime hour calculation as there may be normal overtime / weekly off overtime & holiday worked overtime hours.


We @ TimeCheck studied the client’s requirements carefully and came up with a suitable solution as follows:

A customized solution was offered to capture the location details of any employee through the device when they punch in. A separate module called Project Master was created to facilitate the customer to create the details of various projects in various locations and to manage the same. This screen will have the various ascpects of the Project details to maintain like project ID, name, location and like shift allocation report employees can take their project allocation details through it.

TimeCheck also provided Project allocation Import feature through which employee project allocation can be planned and done on monthly basis. We came up with a customized report – Employee Project wise worked details report. This report provides the comprehensive details of Project ID, Normal Working Hours, Normal Overtime worked days, Weekly off Days worked, Holiday Days worked in the project.


  • Simplified employee shift & project allocation
  • Efficiently map employee shifts with projects
  • Save time & efforts through simplified shift & project allocation processes
  • Employee overtime working hours tracking made simple
  • Easy access to employee project & working hour details
  • Effectively monitor & manage employee resources
  • Comprehensive list of reports for decision making