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Flexi shift tracking option provided for a Foundry

Flexi shift tracking option provided for a Foundry

Client own a foundry which produces specialized casting materials for automobiles. It serves clients all over the world with leading edge technology.

Business Requirement

They preferred to automate their employee attendance as if other corporate companies do. Presently they have many Contract employees & they doesn’t stick to any specific attendance discipline & they need to automate & track their working hours to accurately calculate their Payroll. Challenge they faced is that, contract labours used to shift in anytime of the day, work for few hours then take some hours break & then come back to work and so they weren’t able to track their time accurately with spreadsheets.

Solution Provided

Our team analyzed their industry challenge & provided timecheck software with auto shift allocation for the contract labours. Here the authorized person can allocate the Labours into Flexible shift mode where the employee can do multiple Shift In and multiple Shift Out for a day. Automated Web based time and attendance management software system installed will automatically take the shift in time by sensing the nearest shift time (I hr) among the allowed 4 shifts (5Am, 7Am, 9Am,11AM) that varied by 2 hr each, if his shift time difference is varying above 1 hr then it will consider the next shift as his shift by default. Besides this feature, they could also track individual employees total work hrs across a day they can maintain their attendance accurately for payroll calculation.


  • Automatically senses the nearest Flexi shift
  • Tracks Attendance report of all contract labours
  • Employees multiple shift in and out time are logged routinely
  • Overtime hours assumption got reduced & payments reduced
  • Employee meeting work hrs are getting paid appropriately