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GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device

Geo Attendance Tracking Software

GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device


Client is a specialized valve manufacturer serving the demand of customers with a team of highly experienced technicians & engineers. Their production has helped in finishing the bulk demands of the industrial valves to the large industries of the world.

Business Requirement

They were in need of a Systematic Attendance Tracking system to monitor the work location & shift in, shift out of few remote employees who will leave Organization premises and work in client’s location for Installing or service their industrial valves for a month of time and even less, the time period may vary based on the complexity & volume of the installation to complete. For logging in the attendance of such workforce accurately & exactly from the locality for the defined period they required geo tagging details in the report.

Solution Provided

The employee will be having timecheck mobile app in their mobile and giving their daily attendance logs lively instead of going for Biometric or Face device, Now the Organization employees could do Cock In & Clock Out attendance even from client’s place of work. Once Cock In being done then automatically it will fetch the latitude and longitude values of the Geo, like wise while Clock out also it will fetch them & clearly mark the attendance along with the location.

Even in other case, moving to the other unit of the client Industry or doing overtime work in client’s other unit for completion of the implementation client could make best use of this solution. Since the timing & work location is specified clearly with exact timing in the clock-In clock out punch made client could generate overtime payment bill easily for claim from his end client.


  • Attendance of their Organization workers getting live even if they work in the remote location.
  • If the worker has worked in two units in a day, clearly client can identify the attendance hours with split up of hrs worked in each location and how many of them worked in specific units.
  • If client gets separate order form for Implementation alone here they can generate time efforts data with clear split up of work timing in each unit across a month, it helps to generate the invoice bill for their clients
  • If any worker works his regular work hrs in one unit and performs overtime in another unit means that data is easily captured and separately released for overtime payment collection.