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Leave Management Solution to boost Employee morale and Lessen HR Burdens

Leave Management Solution to boost Employee morale and Lessen HR Burdens


The client is epitomizing leadership and innovation in aesthetic healthcare services, especially in the field of Dentistry and Cosmetology blended with the routine healthcare treatment for all ages, embracing the values of VPS healthcare for the premium quality service.

Problem Outline

The HR application they were using was unable to manage the different leave types effectively and many issues got raised. HR department & employee were in need of a solution to view employee wise leave balance transparently & eliminate payroll errors due to inefficiency in calculating category wise leave accruals without pay and paid leaves. They exactly asked for customization of Leave Management module with exclusive policy that is in compliance with Labour Law of UAE.

Solution Summary

In Timecheck Software application’s leave management master module we did few customizations and feature inclusion logic such as

  • Annual Leave accumulation & dispersal logic fields
  • Getting DOB of Baby on Application for Paternity Leave
  • Sick Leave policy updating
  • Enabling of restrictions to Comp of, Pilgrimage Leave applicability

Which enabled them to manage multiple leave policy at different levels – company, location or department or even based on job title, also calculate accurate leave balances in each applicable category.

We supported them by doing the Leave data’s export from our application to their existing payroll management software.  We Implemented the trial of one month on the Leave Management software fine-tuned on the policy modifications then rolled out.

Outcome / Result

  • Check the applied leave status and the leave Balance prevents leave compliance issues
  • Department heads can view non-availability dashboards to plan team allocation and make informed decisions before replying to leave requests
  • Transparency in leave management increases employee satisfaction and engagement, thereby reducing the attrition rate.
  • The Leave Ledger maintenance team got work reduced by 20% initially and gradually it is getting improved upto 30%
  • The data movement to the existing payroll moved from old application to Timecheck application
  • The Leave Credits done manually to each employee was only 65% accurate but now its automated and so the accuracy is now 93% and above

Timecheck Software simplifies leave accruals tracking, managing, and granting/rejecting leaves and encashment as per policy guidelines for each employee category. To know more contact us.

Client Testimonials

“We now have visibility onto employee availability before approving leave requests. This leave management feature upgrade replaced manual processes with tech solutions removed errors in leave, attendance, and related transaction expense”.