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Monitor Permissions Exceeding Limit & Make Deductions Automatically

Monitor Permissions Exceeding Limit & Make Deductions Automatically

The client is one of the largest players in the textile industry of Coimbatore with a large workforce and multiple manufacturing units.

Business Requirement

The client has found employees requesting more permission hours, more than the permissible limit, and the approval authorities have been approving the same due to various reasons. If permission hours go over the limit, then an automatic CL deduction option is required. If the employee comes in late and exits early, immediately after the processing of worked hours of the day, CL needs to be deducted from the employee’s Quota. A separate new CL deduction report is required which can always show the system deducted CL data.

Solution Provided

We have provided a separate configuration, for the number of CL deductions needed for those exceeding the permission hours allowed, in the time attendance solution we provided. Number of CL deduction suffered for late entry and early exit, of up to 60 minutes, has been configured here. It also allows the users to themselves figure out the CL deductions, for the mentioned 2 scenarios.

Certain permission hours are allowed for a month, but most employees need to take more permission hours than that allowed. At that time, the system would allow them to apply, but at the same time it would deduct the CL automatically when it crosses the allowed limit. The system allows a cumulative of 60 minutes in a month for the late coming and early exit of an employee. However, the system will automatically deduct 0.5 days of CL for every 60 minutes taken/accumulated thereafter.


  • Auto CL deduction made easy for employees exceeding the permission hours
  • Easy to check CL deduction happened for Late in and Early Exits separately
  • Helps smoothly handle any kind of permission scenarios
  • Saves cost & time by not tracking the Late entry and early exit of employees