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Multiple geo location attendance monitoring solution for FMCG Industry

Multiple geo location attendance monitoring solution for FMCG Industry

Client belongs to an oldest group diversified into a variety of industries and markets across the globe. They seek opportunities to expand into new markets (Middle East).

Business Requirement

Client is into FMCG industry & they had over 60% of employee strength in field work and so they were in need of accurate time & attendance tracking application with provision to allocate multiple geo location to the employees for a day.

Solution Provided

We customized & provided Timecheck Software Application with one geo attendance module, where the module will be carrying the various attendance punches like Shift In, Shift Out, Lunch Out, Lunch In, etc. Now Employees can access the module from their mobile app and give his geo attendance appropriately like Shift In / Lunch Out.

In specific to client’s requirement our team came up with shift allocation like feature where the head of the department can allocate minimum single or multiple geo locations for the field marketing and sales executives.

Now with this the executives will come to know the details of clients they want to visit for the day and they can able to mark the geo attendance from the allocated location.


  • Easy to manage the field marketing & sales executive’s attendance
  • Managers can allocate the clients with geo locations to the employees
  • Employees can view the allocated locations for day to day work without coming to office
  • Monitor field staff accurately without depending on manual records