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Effective Employee Shift Management and Overtime Management System Will Improve the Time Saving up to 35%

Overtime Management System

Effective Employee Shift Management and Overtime Management System Will Improve the Time Saving up to 35%

Advance your Shift Planning through Auto Shift option for Executives, which Improves the HOD’s Production plan and Deliverable Forecast.

The Client

The client is a manufacturer of cement of different types was seeking a solution in their Time & Attendance System for their Employee. They approached us for software application to handle Shift Scheduling & Management and Overtime management at their cement production plants.

Business Requirement

Timecheck executives had a discussion with the client to understand the pain-points, requirements and challenges the client were facing in their time and attendance system at their cement factories. They were unable to manage the continuous working shift and specifically if it continued into the Night Shift. Besides this, they needed to manage the Leave and Permission systematically to manage employee wages and salaries correctly.

Using a centralized attendance system, they needed to implement their shift-based attendance rules automatically at different cement plants. Shift allocation and attendance follow-ups was difficult to maintain. Allocation of permission hours was also not in proper adherence. An application was needed to track worked hours, which is not available in their present system to help the HOD’s production plans and deliverables forecast.

Solution Provided

We had a solution which is modular and focused on the client’s core business needs. The solution needed to provide records if an employee continues to work after the shift allotted, based on instructions from their manager. Then the next 8 hours need to be taken as another shift or the Overtime payment should be based on single hour payment. The software module will be able to maintain the various organization policies based on their experiences. Advanced Shift Planning through Auto Shift option for employees will improves the HOD’s Production plan and Deliverable Forecast.

All the factory blocks inside the premises have eSSL biometric devices implementation in place and each block’s attendance data is taken care by the HR Team. But some gap is occurring on taking up effective attendance data live, especially when an employee is doing Night Shift work and if the previous shift employees continue to Next Shift there is no system to handle the scenario. This has been sorted out with customization in our module. Productivity no longer gets affected as the production manager need not get involved every month for attendance confirmation of the OT Hours. Mistakes in shift allocation due to manual follow-up is eliminated.

Centralized attendance with eSSL device integration and multiple units is made possible with the solution. We provided an Exclusive Platform to manage the Shift Planning and Discrepancy Headcounts raised against the same; also quick dashboard reports for the same generated immediately as Live Update. Clear dynamic attendance policies can be managed with multi levels of staff categories. Overtime Compliance can be easily managed and helps to avoid industry penalties.


  • Centralized Implementation of solution is now possible
  • Implementation with 25,000 active employees with one client possible
  • Saves Operational Cost by 36%
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and it saves up to 26%
  • Improve user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improve productivity and accrued benefits by 28%


Client Testimonial

“We found the application very helpful to monitor and manage employees’ shift and overtime hours without any mix-up”.

      • IT Manager