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Overtime Management Solution for Castings Industry

Overtime Management Solution

Overtime Management Solution for Castings Industry


Client belongs to an eminent group that produces superior quality castings for a wide range of Industries. Having established their foot print across several places of the city they prioritize customer requirements and are renowned for their punctuality, customer support and high quality manufacturing services.

Problem Outline

They came with a problem of delay in getting the attendance data from multiple units for each sift, as the production manager oversees the attendance data & confirms OT hrs employee wise OT hrs.
Further ,they informed  that in same unit the OT cost is different for different skill set, and so there is difficulty in referring to each employee master data & individually doing calculations for each based on  their category & the no of OT they have done in total.

Solution Summary

We analyzed their pains & centralized the attendance tracking with ESSL device integration at multiple units.

  • This exclusive platform empowered them to manage shift with employees in required skills without any discrepancy in headcount, immediately as live update via dashboard reports.
  • With Multi level of staff categories they could define clear dynamic policies and easily handle overtime & shift scheduling
  • Avoid mistakes in shift scheduling, eliminate industry penalties by maintaining strict overtime protocols and ensuring compliance with your company’s time and attendance rules

Outcome / Result

  • Centralized Implementation of solution is possible
  • Saves Operational cost by 30%
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and it saves upto 22%
  • Improve user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 25%

To track employee hours accurately and promote an environment easier for administrative personnel contact us.

Client Testimonials

“With Timecheck Time & Attendance Software we could do shift rostering efficiently to allocate staff shifts automatically according to pre-set parameters. This solution streamlines complex scheduling processes and frees up time & saves money through errorless planning”. – Senior HR Manager