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Overtime / Shift allocation automation solution for Hospitals

Overtime / Shift allocation automation solution for Hospitals

The client belongs to Healthcare Sector and their requirement was to maintain an effective Time and Attendance tracking system that facilitates them to make real-time adjustments and produce instant tracking and analytical reports.

Business Requirement

Having various kinds of staffs in the Hospital, allocation of shift for each of them seems difficult and they need a Time & Management System in place to automate shift allocation for all the staff under each department, provision to categorize overtime / shift paid, map the approval authority by restricting level wise and grade base.

Solution Provided

Timecheck software was provided with special shift allocation screen which will display the shift in time along with the detail of shift that system suggests as drop downs. For staffs extending another shift we gave OT screen with a check box provision where department heads can conclude whether it as an overtime or as a shift paid, based on sanctions the data will be updated as single pay or double pay. Further admin can map/ assign the sanction authority for each employee without any Level wise or Grade base hassle.


  • Administrator / department head can easily review the shift that system prefers and allocate week wise.
  • Automatically the additional hour’s approval for the employees is getting listed date wise with two selection option (OT / Shift)
  • Easy to allocate any employees from any level and grade to the approval authorities