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Client is from hospital Industry where shift management & overtime is quite natural.

Business Requirement

Client requires Time & Attendance Management software system with shift based overtime feature to easily & accurately calculate employee overtime and predictive reporting feature to handle surprise requests, like additional employees for any particular department or for any particular shift.

Solution Provided

We provided TimeCheck Software with specialized functionality, new menu configured as Shift allocation for Overtime in the Shift Master to calculate employee overtime. It enabled user to monitor & categorize employee who worked in Shift A & again on Shift C under overtime on the same day.

Further, it enabled HR manager to seamlessly get shift allocation report, calculate worked hours by doubling if any employee worked in their regular shift & also under Shift overtime or else in other way by multiplying shift hours with 1.5 times.

To address the additional employee requirement of any particular department we configured our TimeCheck Software with Shift allocation module wherein user can generate Predictive Report. This module will facilitate shift scheduler to receive requests on department wise additional staff requirement on particular date & shift. Further the system will automatically analyze the database and bring the list of employees who are not allocated with the respective and previous shift.

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