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Sales Person Attendance Tracking with Geo Mapping

Sales Person Attendance Tracking with Geo Mapping

UAE based International group manufacturing & marketing a well-integrated range of mass-market food products, related derivatives, intermediates and services to customers worldwide.

Business Requirement

Being an International Organization with manufacturing sites at many countries & offices worldwide, they were in need of a provision in Timecheck Attendance Management Software to track the attendance data of sales persons who will not come to office on a daily basis. In addition to attendance Punch they also required options to monitor the persons’ location while doing shift in, Lunch out, Break out, Break in, Break Out punches. For new employees their HR team will do create employee details & leave policy in the HRMS application, they want the data to be integrated & leave policy to be updated automatically in employee Master of Timecheck Software Application.

Solution Provided

We designed the new Module for Geo Mapping Attendance in the web application and placed as a separate menu. Now, sales team persons’ can access Timecheck Attendance monitoring web application in their smart phones and do appropriate attendance punch. During every punch, the latitude and longitude values of the employee’s current location will be collected and updated in the web application. The admin / approval authority users having rights to access the module can view wherein their sales team member have done the shift in and all. We also did integration with their HRMS application developed in Oracle, so it will pull & auto update employee detail & their appropriate leave policy in timecheck application.


  • Easy to track sales Employees Attendance
  • Record all type of punches including Break & Lunch
  • Track Actual worked hrs by detecting break & Lunch hrs
  • Locate from wherein that particular type of Punch is done
  • Avoid repeat works as Integration with HRMS software is done