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IT solutions company Integrating Custom Attendance Software to optimize labor cost

Effective shift planning for Employees

IT solutions company Integrating Custom Attendance Software to optimize labor cost


Information Technology and Services company having branches across India with 25,000 Plus employees providing advanced digital solutions to customers for an enhanced experience.

Problem Outline

Having just implemented fingerprint Biometric attendance system / device client couldn’t get the detailed report that would address the following challenges they possess.

  • Employee wise clear worked hrs data for given time period
  • department wise permission, on duty, overtime policies are presently available only in emails
  • Separate system is available for leave management alone
  • Effective shift planning for employees across multiple location

Solution Summary

Their IT head & Payroll Manager enquired us about our Product “Time check software” that functions as an all in one solution.  Their expectation was an automated Attendance Management Software that would help automate their existing manual work, centralize it for all the location and streamline it to save time. We provided them our Time & Attendance Software tailor-made to meet the specific business needs. This web app is mobile enabled and integrated with their existing hardware device (BIOMETRIC & Face Recognition) terminal and helped them reduce the complexity in huge resource management.

After installing our software, they were able to track

  • Make HR Manager aware of the employee count under each location with attendance status
  • Easily manage dynamic attendance policies different shifts, comp off policies that varies from department to department.
  • Real time visibility & data driven approach enabled them to
  • Integrate the final monthly output to any payroll ERP systems

Outcome / Result

  • Implemented enabled manage 25,000 active employees with one client
  • Saved them operational cost by 30%
  • Improved productivity & benefits by 23%
  • Improved user management & visibility by 32%

Client Testimonials

~ We are extremely pleased with every feature of the product quality, the support and cooperation with   their team is smooth, prompt and very satisfactory~.