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Straight Shift Management Feature Enabled for an Oman Client

Straight Shift Management Feature Enabled for an Oman Client

A client from manufacturing sector based at Oman, needsstraight shift management feature for Day Wise employee attendance management.

Business Requirement

Client requires Time &Attendance Management Software with straight shift,an feature in the shift module for monitoring employee day wise attendance. Along with it they also preferred to have proximity card option enabled for visitor management.

Solution Provided

TimeCheck Software application with an add-on feature in the shift management module for straight shift management. This new option will enable the client to monitor employee shift-in & out against their organizations Start and End time, with grace minutes for In and Out time. Here they can get employee’s day wise attendance details in addition to that of their actual work hours status. In general, this lets an HR manager to note less hours worked & early exit hrs.

We also gave an add on feature “visitor module” with which they can register the details of proximity card number, date, visitor name, visitor organization name, person to meet, department, card status -given and return back.They can also generate visitor report which holds data on Check In Time, Check Out Time, Total Hours etc., in addition to the above.


  • Easily Monitor Employee attendance details
  • Get Session wise attendance status for Regular Shift
  • Get Day wise Attendance status for Straight Shift
  • Issue the Proximity cards for their business visitors
  • Manage date wise visitor Details for future Reference
  • Save time by Getting Automated Visitor report
  • Enhance company image & achieve data accuracy