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Time & Attendance Management Solutions for India’s leading Knit Wear Exporters

Time & Attendance Management Solutions for India’s leading Knit Wear Exporters

The client is one of India’s leading knit wear exporters with an annual group turnover in excess of US $60 million and employing well over 8,000 people. The client supplies the finest quality of knitted and woven garments to clients worldwide.

Business Requirement

  • Multiple shift handling & pattern allocation required
  • Need to handle various employees and staff belonging to different grade levels
  • To provide Time & Attendance solution with Biometric devices
  • Standard features of TimeCheck product along with standard reports of Time & Attendance,
    provision for Online Leave, Permission application and approval process

Technologies Used

ASP.Net, C#, Crystal Reports and SQL server

Solution Offered

  • Integration of Biometric device with TimeCheck application, mapped the device with entrances and punch types in much easy way
  • Flexible hours calculation feature to helps user set flexible timings either for the whole company or for an individual employee, so that there are no constraints on the shift timings for the employee
  • TimeCheck application calculates the attendance hours based on actual punches he / she made
  • TimeCheck’s Shift Management feature helps user to allocate shifts, temporary shifts and implement shift exchange between any two employees in a much simpler way
  • TimeCheck’s Overtime Management feature helps the authorized user to define and configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours
  • Calculation factor for Weekly Off Overtime Hours and Holiday Overtime Hours effortlessly
  • TimeCheck’s Discrepancy Management feature helps the authorized user to fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an Employee forgets to punch, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT or has to travel outstation on-duty
  • With TimeCheck’s Leave & Permission management feature employee can login to submit a leave request & any authorized personnel like HR or Department Manager, so that they can view his / her leave request, eligibility details & either approve or reject his / her leave application


  • Automates attendance data collection and reporting of employee shift allocation
  • Successful integration of Biometric device with the application
  • Reduces the human time on gathering employees time information
  • Easy & effective management of leave policies for employees of each group
  • Generating reports in other formats like Pdf,doc.