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Client is a largest producer of superior quality special elastic textiles for medical use. They flexibly adopt for market requirements and stand for competence and quality without compromise!

Business Requirement

Client was in need of Employee Time & Attendance Tracking Application with a module to get the details of employee who are not coming in their respective allotted shift, option to view data on employee's total break hours and lunch hours separately. They preferred to have mail triggering feature for viewing Late / Leave / Absent data, but with a link that open only after verification of the authentication process.

Solution Offered

Our Time and Attendance Tracking Software developer team has customized the proven TimeCheck application with the specified modules. It has features that track the details of the employees who are all not coming under the allotted shift.

The report module has the feature to take shift-wise employee deviation from allotted shift time along with the other relevant details like the actual shift for which the employee came and worked. We also enabled the employee's daily Late / Leave / Absent details to be pushed automatically to the configured mail id.

To restrict the access of unauthorized user, we have also protected it with user authentication facility in the application to view the details.

The attendance report separately displayed the employee break hours instead of doing direct calculation for worked hours alone

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