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Timecheck Software Helps Manage Employee Overtime Compliance & Avoid Penalties

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Timecheck Software Helps Manage Employee Overtime Compliance & Avoid Penalties


The client does stainless steel flexible hose pipe manufacturing as per their client’s specifications and requirements. They are aiming to choose an Attendance Management System to meet all advanced workforce management needs and ensure compliance with overtime laws.

Problem Outline

As every manufacturing facility has a high demand for accurately tracking employee hours and overtime, our client too had and so they approached us for adopting end to end attendance tracking solution for following pains.

  • They found challenge in tracking workhours of employees moving between different workstations or job duties.
  • Need a custom time software to handle complex shift schedules, and track early entry / exit times of employees.
  • Managing employee overtime hours is subject to numerous labor regulations, including overtime rules was challenging.

Solution Summary

After considering their needs, we provided them with our Timecheck software that integrates well with various biometric / face recognition devices.

  • Now this centralized attendance solution helps manage employee shift pattern, overtime planning, outside duty tracking etc seamlessly for employees in both the Head office & work stations.
  • With multi-level staff categories, we could set dynamic attendance policies and help them avoid Industry penalties.
  • Further to this, an integrated mobile app is available along with web applications to track employees who went out for on duty.

With timecheck software client could easily allocate onduty for employee and also manage approval to it. The data driven approach here help to gain crucial staff information precisely. Following this process helped their HR workers to calculate the working hours that support in the payroll calculation of employees


  • Saves you time & money by expanding efficiency
  • Permits you to set rules for attendance deviations
  • Captures employee image & validates identity to mark attendance
  • Supports managing the time of remote or home-based teams using a mobile version
  • Helps calculating precise overtime as per the statutory regulations.

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