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Time & Attendance Solution provided for an International Construction Business

Time & Attendance Solution provided for an International Construction Business

Client is a leading International construction company which owns different construction projects going on in various areas across the city.

Business Requirement

Client requirement was an employee time and attendance management software application to monitor their employees, who work in various places.. The major challenge we need to address is facilitating them to get site wise employee worked hours reports and on-duty works to other sites, above all they preferred to get shift- in & shift-out time, overall attendance, over time and exceptional/violation hrs report from the respective site he is assigned to.

Solution Provided

The solution we provided has configured Organization level hierarchy in the master/terminal device (biometric device). Irrespective of the site, wherever the employee keeps the punch, his worked hrs. over time, exceptional hours etc gets displayed under the employee assigned site itself.

We also customized the application to meet their country policy, stating overtime need to be paid in various stages and organizations has to define and split outer limit hours for every stage. Now the system automatically splits the hrs, moves to next corresponding Overtime Hours slab automatically.

Apart from the above we have also provided separate entry screen to monitor & display the difference hrs shift allocated & shift he worked on. These hours will be accumulated and when a particular defined hrs is reached then the Violation report will be generated for those employees.


  • Now the client can easily get site wise monthly report with worked hrs data
  • Receive all swipes report with exact data, shift in & shift out at each site location
  • Overtime hours stage wise calculation is automated as per country policy
  • Easily identify the difference hrs and employee violating the company policy
  • Despite of the business locations, HR can get real time movement entry of particular employees