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TimeCheck Web App Enhanced with Mobile App Clock-In & Clock-Out

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TimeCheck Web App Enhanced with Mobile App Clock-In & Clock-Out

The client is into the manufacturing and marketing of Agro-Products for years, with a sales force working on the field to market its numerous products, as per demands of the market.

Business Requirement

The client manufacturing Agro Products has been using a mobile app for its mobile marketing team. The web-based application now had to be enhanced to meet another requirement of the client. The client wanted a provision for an employee to clock-in and clock-out through the mobile application.

The admin will be able give the privilege to access the clock-in and clock-out option in the mobile application, to the specific user (employee). The client wanted the system to manage the employee shifts automatically, based on the parameters configured manually by the admin. Each employee will be allowed 2 to 3 shifts and the system has to auto shift these shifts for the employee.

Solution Provided

To meet the client’s requirement, we provided a separate configuration as a mobile clock-in / clock-out feature. The complete employee list was uploaded so that the admin can select the required user alone. The update of clock-in and clock-out details thus will be enabled for the respective users by the admin and not for all. A new auto shift module has been designed and various time slots had been created by the admin on the screen to map the appropriate shifts. A new employee auto shift template has been created, wherein the admin can update all eligible shifts, based on the employee code.


  • The admin can enable the mobile app clock-in and clock-out option for the relevant users alone, for those who have been allocated to do outdoor work.
  • Facility to withdraw the mobile app clock in option for Specific employee and provide privilege to track shift in through web app when required.
  • Now, one employee can be assigned multiple suitable shifts the system will automatically pick up any of the defined shift (Auto Shift Feature) based on employee clock-in.
  • Admin or HOD gets time completely saved, as there’s no need of checking or revising the weekly shift allocation for the particular employee.