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Centralizing Attendance Management helped Manufacturing Industry Client Save Time & Improve Shift Planning

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Centralizing Attendance Management helped Manufacturing Industry Client Save Time & Improve Shift Planning


The client is the largest manufacturer of Edible Oils. With 2000 employees they strive to leverage best practices for a better-quality final product.

Problem Outline

The client was in need of a solution to assist them to overcome the following challenges they faced

  • Unable to manage multiple unit attendance as a centralized option
  • Difficult to manage Multiple shifts & different shift timings they follow for each unit
  • Leave & permission management need to be managed systematically

Reduce production manager’s time going for team’s OT hrs confirmation month on month.

Solution Summary

We customized our standard product to meet up their specific requirement, though all the blocks in their campus had Anviz & Essl combined Biometric devices they had gaps in capturing the attendance of employees working in night shifts and also for previous shift employees continuing the next shift.

  • We centralized attendance tracking of multiple units possible with Anviz and eSSl device integration.
  • Our exclusive platform enabled Hr Managers to plan employee shift, manage attendance to allocated shift & raise any discrepancy that occurred in Headcounts, and get live updates instantly from the dashboard as reports.
  • Dynamic attendance policies for multi-level staff categories can be managed seamlessly
  • Overtime compliance can be easily managed and so industry penalties can be avoided


  • Centralized Implementation of solutions done for multilevel category employees in different Units
  • Saves Operational costs by 37%
  • Ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction Level
  • Overtime extra spent cost will be avoided and it saves up to 23%
  • Improved user management and visibility by 35%
  • Improved productivity and benefits by 28%If you are facing challenges / Gaps in your current employee attendance monitoring or you would purchase a Time check Attendance Management software solution, then leave an Enquiry to book a free demo.