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Custom Made Attendance Tracking Software with Compliance Management Solution

Custom Made Attendance Tracking Software

Custom Made Attendance Tracking Software with Compliance Management Solution


Client is into manufacturing & delivering innovative products & services. They have a strong belief to live by their values, respond to changes in business and aim for becoming one of the most ethical companies in the world.

Problem Outline

Employees are required to follow established time and attendance policy guidelines for recording their actual work hours. For this they need to custom build our employee attendance tracker software to monitor their employees’ attendance as per policy defined on a regular basis and alert the department heads. on every deviation in a timely and consistent manner.

Solution Summary

Programming the application to deploy various combination of polices and whenever the deviation arises the employee ID card which is RFID based will get blocked on the relevant entrances for individual employee attendance.

Like a tailored suit, a custom software fits right into the way you work, making adoption much easier. We provided them with automated attendance management software solution that helped employees use their RFID punch cards to mark attendance. As soon as the attendance is recorded, if any deviation for check-in or check-out during Daily, Weekly or Quarterly is found from actually defined HR attendance policy then an instant notification will be sent to their management & card will get blocked towards the working entrances, only after getting consent from respective authority employee can use it further. Customized condition was applied to enable & disable the card automatically

Specialized Features from security aspect

  • By automatically considering previous days’ shift-in & shift-out data the punch card will become inactive on a particular day, this is to restrict employee from entering manufacturing unit on non-working days.
  • Shift-in will be active for defined weekly work hrs later to it for any deviation above defined hrs card will automatically become inactive,
  • Quarterly if punch is in between the defined hrs card will remain active & if defined time exceeded it will automatically become inactive
  • Every unsuccessful punch will immediately be notified through email & only after evaluating the reason card gets active
  • We provided them the feasibility to manually increase or decrease Id card active duration for daily, weekly, quarterly based on workflow for specific employee
  • If employee didn’t even, make any punch continually for about a week’s time card will get blocked & will become active as per custom policy.


  • Reduce the time HR managers spend on administrative and attendance management activities
  • Helps organization save time, reduce administrative work and prevents compliance risks
  • Track compliance metrics & avoids problems like buddy punching, punch-in failures, and more
  • Departments have option to evaluate circumstances and decide manually.

Client Testimonials

The solution had features that helped met all our expectations; Now we could easily handle employee attendance and improve efficiency.

Is your time & attendance software up to meet the challenges that come the way, if any improvement to be done or customized to your needs contact us. Let us help you to stay current for today & tomorrow.