TimeCheck is web-based attendance tracking software used for tracking employee’s Time and Attendance. By installing our biometric time attendance system you can process the time recorded at the smartcard / biometric terminal across the organization, even remote locations over the intranet or Internet can be performed. With TimeCheck’s configuration ability to fit your organization’s business rules you can Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time.

This software reduces labour-intensive works like attendance monitoring, shift time tracking, leave management, payroll processing and improves workforce productivity. With this employee time tracking software you can easily view the attendance data compliance with that of their shift timing & leave approvals. We can integrate this attendance tracking software with that of Payroll software and make certain that the salary payments are done on-time. It helps to avoid discrepancy and let’s administrator & HR to easily process employee pay. Based on Organization hierarchy you can have comprehensive security layers to protect data from access of unauthorized personnel’s.


Shift Management - Shift Management feature of TimeCheck facilitates to allocate shifts, temporary shift management and do shift exchange for any two employees.

Overtime Management - Overtime Management feature of TimeCheck helps you to configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours and mechanism to calculate weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly.

Leave & Permission Management - Leave & Permission Management feature of TimeCheck allows employees to login & submit their leave request to authorized personnel who will be given permission to view his leave request and approve or reject based on predefined eligibility.

Discrepancy Management - With TimeCheck’s Discrepancy Management, you can fill and close the discrepancies by raising & approving manual entry in case an Employee forgets to bring his swipe card, missed out to mark either his IN or OUT or has to travel outstation on-duty.

Extensive Reports - TimeCheck offers extensive reports for your analysis and decision making data in different formats like PDF, excel and word to improve your time & attendance operations and reduce costs.

Export Data - Export Data is a feature available in the TimeCheck through which the processed data like Overtime, Attendance, Leave can be exported. Export data can be done in various formats like XLS / CSV / XML also the data can be dealed with two types as Summarized Data and as well as Daily Data.