Attendance tracking & managing software is key for new normal

Technology is becoming essential to thrive in the new normal, many organizations rely on enterprise grade time and attendance solution to optimize employee productivity – and ultimately, profitability. Recent survey states failing to track accurate work hrs & time off can cost firms 3% to 15% of their total operating cost. To provides supervisors with 100% visibility into employee time, and enables them to capture real-time information digitize employee attendance.

Increased Transparency

Time & Attendance tracking software is now becoming essential for today’s workplace, as it reduces the troubles of capturing and storing attendance information in spread sheets. By having advanced T&A attendance monitoring solution businesses can gain a level of transparency and accuracy around attendance. Mobile-based attendance capturing, facial recognition biometric system support features of the software provide users with convenience and accuracy.

Increased Productivity

Integrating time & attendance software helps businesses to easily generate attendance for On-Premise and On-Field staff. It lets Hr manager to build multiple policies assign the same to a selective group of employees. Attendance tracker sheet with filters for different category will provide clear insight into employee shift in / shift out, requested time off, early shift out, and much more criteria’s that you may require to monitor & regularise.

Safer & Hygienic

As employee safety is paramount, businesses need an attendance tracking software solution that is easy to use and provides the security employees seek. Time & Attendance software supports modern workplaces, especially track employee attendance whether they are working from office or home. Employers willing to keep their workforces safe without losing the reliability of previous clocks can

To keep up employee morale integrate automated time-tracking software with custom features works in tandem with biometric fingerprint, IRIS and face recognition devices. This helps HR team to overcome multitude of problems as employees are back to the office.

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Attendance Management for Contract Workers Problem

Companies in India mostly are into the practice of outsourcing their “non-core” functions to contractors and vendors.  In the technologically driven world today, contract employee attendance management & other related activities are performed using various software solutions. Modern enterprises seek Centralized Time Attendance Solution for Contract labour Management. It’s an important process that helps manage multiple contractors and large workforce.

Contract labour management module in Time & attendance software

Organisations have started with Inclusion of contract labour management module into their existing time & attendance tracking software tool and its evidence enough to keep sync with the changing market realities. This fully automated solution helps minimize the dependency on spread sheets and data entry which is error prone. Employers can easily gain real time visibility into the productivity of contract labours from different vendors with different purposes.

Features for Contractor Labour Monitoring

Timecheck software is completely tailored to have a better check and control over their contractors and the labourers’ under them. Using this web based & mobile enabled attendance tracking software we can create multi user environment with individual right allocation facility. The supervision and control rests with the contractor whether a particular contract labourer will be allocated to a particular principal employer and the conditions of the work.

With this robust online web contract labour management Software HR managers can create multiple attendance policies, manage flexi- shift timings, overtime etc as assigned to them, without crossing the line between the contracted employee and direct employee. This helps any organisation small or big to significantly reduce attendance processing time and increases accuracy by doing better manpower planning based on workforce demand.

For more information on contract labour time & attendance management software, take a free demo from Timecheck.

Effective solution for organisations providing WFH attendance management solution

Technology has taken giant strides in recent times and now companies use advanced time & attendance monitoring and management software to move forward using a mix of remote and in-office work. The pandemic has created much chaos in the lives of working professionals. Since then, many companies are allowing employees to work from home with Technology and software tools.

Time and attendance management software helps monitor & manage mobile work force. For Remote site employee’s managers need to approve the attendance along with location from where he /she will work. Through Task updation & progress review the employer can capture the total number of working hours completed.

Timesheet Management

Fast-paced tech adoption helps HR managers to track employee work hours automatically from anywhere and sync attendance data with your payroll software, so you don’t have to enter employee work hours manually every day. Just simple messages like ‘in’ and ‘out’, ‘break’ let your team members communicate their availability and hours, with this information HR team can automatically view the approved  timesheets .

PMS Integration

The project management system will enable department heads to give with the daily tasks sheet, he/she can keep on updating the completion status with number of working hours. By accomplishing the daily task assigned within the allocated time, the employee will get his attendance for the day. Further, managers can assign tasks in the morning and the employees can report to the supervisors for sharing the status of deliverables at the end of the day.

This employee wise time & attendance management solution eliminates the challenges faced in managing remote employee’s and WFH employee’s productivity. By centralising & automating the entire process of attendance management HR can effectively manage remote employee attendance besides analyse their performance efficiently.

For more details visit our website or drop us an enquiry and our team will get in touch with you.

Upgrade Biometrics to Facial Recognition Based Time Attendance Monitoring & Ensure COVID Safe Practices

In today’s business climate, it’s so essential for organisations to use attendance management tools that ultimately result in higher levels of productivity, greater levels of revenue and lower levels of cost. An outdated Employee Time & attendance software would neither be employee-friendly nor be aligned to changing needs of an organisation.

A facial recognition attendance software is a contactless attendance management solution that helps meet the current demands of the industry driven by the coronavirus pandemic. Upgrading to this face recognition technology based software will deliver next-gen experience for employees. Integration of this solution into corporate offices, manufacturing units, government organizations, hospitals, construction sites would secure the workplace.

Benefits of upgrading include

  • Get access to buildings in a safe, touchless manner
  • Simplifies the day-to-day operational challenges
  • Reliable, easy to use and fast system
  • Helps optimize administrative and labour cost
  • Improve discipline at workplace

Timecheck’s Face recognition attendance software can synchronize with any eSSl face recognition device, eSSl Iris recognition device, Suprema face recognition device,  Suprema Iris recognition device and improve safety & security. It’s one of the most affordable solution, having User-friendly interface to access and manage your data easily. Apart from this, it seamlessly integration with payroll, for payroll-processing.

If you want to know more information, leave an enquiry, we will be extremely happy to help you deploy Timecheck touchless face recognition attendance software.

Simplified Attendance Software that helps HR manage time & attendance effectively

Explore the Advanced Solutions that Simplify Attendance Management

The key to business success today starts with bringing in advanced automation solution to monitor employee time & attendance more efficiently both on-premises & WFH. Today’s time and attendance software gives businesses everything they need to monitor and manage all aspects of their employees’ time. Especially it allows for configurations that best fit your organization’s needs.

Easily manage remote team attendance

Timecheck Software takes the pain & frustration out of HR managers. It helps them control labour cost calculates total work time, overtime, late in, early out for each employee in accordance with the rules. This tool can monitor, manage the attendance of your remote workforce and help HR team to handle it all.

To regularise and significantly reduces attendance processing time, increase accuracy we make use of mobile device with active internet connection & geo fencing technology.  Optional GPS coordinates can also be enabled so that our time and attendance system can track the location of employees when they ‘Clock In’ or ‘Clock Out’.

Robust Analytics

HR managers can log in to stay connected to the workforce, especially can get unique visibility into the doings of a scattered, decentralized workforce.  Comprehensive analysis of trends help you understand the impact that labour has on your organisation.

To ensure full transparency in employee attendance, use Timecheck software and save a substantial amount of time and effort that HR staff put into storing, maintaining, and analysing all attendance records manually Please request a call back from us for more details.

Attendance Management Solution for Efficiently tracking Remote / WFH team Attendance

In the current pandemic situation working from home is the new normal for companies that prepares to offer work from home options for their employees. However, with this new normal, companies expect an online attendance management system that seamlessly handles employees’ work from home efficiently. Now the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about employee attendance monitoring is real time tracking that will lead to higher efficiency and better results.

Remote employees can log their working hours

Owing an online attendance management software, empowers employees to log their own working hours easily. Remote Employees can shift in / shift out from anywhere through the web or their mobiles. Also, with this online attendance management systems HR Managers can create multiple offices, set different leave calendars and create project wise timesheets.

Generates Insightful Reports

Online attendance management solutions generate different reports based as per preferences of HR. By monitoring the attendance patterns of remote employees HR Manager will be able to identify the effectiveness of Employee with Work from home option. This centralised attendance data will spotlight attendance issues, and help organisations to improve WFH employee productivity. Also, analytics and reports related to timesheets will help you understand if your employee’s productivity has increased or decreased while working from home.

Easy Payroll Processing

Especially Organisations with Global presence finds difficulty in Payroll Processing, if employee attendance database not consolidated in a single location, calculating leave and processing payroll becomes Mundane task. For this, Attendance Management Software is integrated with payroll software & processing is enabled easily without any errors or confusion.

To evaluate work from home employee productivity & avoid unnecessary confusion all you need to do is implement Timecheck attendance management system.  This software will let employee more accountable for the work they do, and they can access all the information related to their attendance, reducing their dependency on the HR department. For more details on Timecheck employee attendance management software click here.

Mobile Attendance App – a Nextgen solution for Remote Employee Attendance Monitoring

Employee attendance monitoring is one of the most challenging jobs for employers. Employers suffer due to inefficiencies and inability to track mobile workforce productivity. To simplify this task & to ensure high productivity at workplace you need to invest on mobile attendance apps that gives transparency, accurate data, and above has many useful features that ensure high productivity at the workplace.

Enables Record Remote Location Attendance

With this mobile attendance app field employee can mark attendance from any location through smartphone. Get real-time insights on employee attendance vis time stamps & location data. Even allowing them to work from Home is enabled to through as per defined policy to increase workforce productivity.

Employee Productivity Management

The mobile attendance app has been built to capture attendance of employees from varied sources. This iOS & android app will act as attendance terminal, reduce manual efforts and give the best result for improving employee’s work efficiency. With this smart employee attendance management app you could save the most precious asset – time.

Crystal Clear Report

The attendance management app would manage the employee’s attendance record as it is. There are no chances for alteration, as in manual system. Daily/monthly reports are available at manager & admin level to help perform due diligence to assess performance and boost productivity of remote workforce.

This mobile app attendance monitoring system gives you real-time and daily views of what’s happening at an organization level and who’s in office and at what time.

Benefits of Mobile Attendance App

  • Efficient for monitoring off-site worker’s attendance
  • Eliminated buddy punching & manual errors
  • Dramatically improve productivity
  • Track attendance in multiple branches / locations / construction sites
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Generate Maximum ROI

For more details on this efficient attendance management software and to get solution for any of your specific needs do not hesitate to contact us.

Attendance Solution for Facility Management Company

Facility Management Companies are seeking solutions to deliver real benefits to client’s organisations in terms of reducing costs and allowing them to focus on their core business. For this to happen, Facility Managers can invest in Centralised Attendance System and overcome time managing challenges in facility management.

Controls Human Capital Management Costs

By centralizing their Attendance Management Solution, the facility management service company can provide the portal access to all their customers to get track of all the deployed employees shift time login and shift change approvals. Also Head supervisor can easily track the working hours of remotely working employees from anywhere. Ease HR burden by maintaining accurate log-in and log-out details of employees. Mobile based remote Time & attendance software application will allow them reduce administrative costs and optimize workforce time management by configuring all contractors site for monitoring.

Visibility in Real Time helps managing employees

Our time and attendance tracking system gives facility managers full visibility and help them make proactive and informed business decisions. By maintaining employee shift change, leave, attendance records the variance in month closure for various contractors is made easy, as billing dates can be configured.

Improve Employee Morale

Any discrepancy in attendance time entry due to punch miss can be eliminated by allowing supervisor to manually enter the time & get approval from that site contractor. Shift scheduling module allows HR managers to manage shift exchange between staffs. Special reliever requisition & approval module assists HR Manager to find the available facility service person nearby site and allocate to the required site.

Timecheck’s time & attendance management solution helps Facility management company realize optimized HR processes and workforce efficiency. Contact us today to find out how our time& attendance management software can help facility management companies achieve their goals. Get a live demonstration

Geo-Attendance the better location based Time & Attendance software.

Companies across the world are quickly replacing outdated employee attendance tracking with software driven Time & Attendance solution. The system has evolved from traditional punching cards to card-swiping to fingerprint scanning and now to GPS enabled apps. Now, the better way to manage and track employee attendance remotely is – Geo-Attendance.

Geo-Attendance. Geo-Attendance works using the GPS technology and the attendance software uses the concept of ‘Geo-Fencing’ to track the location of the employee to confirm if present in the designated area with time marking, making it easy to HR team. Some of the advantages of Geo-Attendance:

Easy Attendance clocking for remote workers.

Geo-Fencing draws virtual perimeter over the real-world geographic area. An application needs to be installed on the employee’s smartphone with its location and GPS service turned on to clock in or out. The mobile app integrated with the time & attendance software will take care of the attendance automatically for field employees working at remote locations.

Insight for Decision-Making

This system can track all the employees to help decision-making accordingly, based on insights drawn from the data, especially during an emergency. The info is good for field sales or service teams on the road.

Customisation made easily.

Unlike other attendance clocking systems, Geo-Attendance needs no infrastructure or gadgets. The mobile or web application can do the job on a compatible device easily for the HR department and make dynamic plans for them. Customisation like special shifts grace-time, break time, off-day, etc. for particular employee based on location can be marked (and notified) and maintained.

Emanates a Positive Experience

Clocking in and out the employee attendance is easy, comfortable, properly recorded in real-time and more reliable than any physical or machine, on a daily basis on this platform. The software also supports a self-service portal for employee’s use.

Integrate it easily with other Modules.

This attendance software can be integrated easily with the payroll software. TIMECHECK the time and attendance software integrated to various modules is capable of handling multiple shifts, shift scheduling, etc. and is scalable. It is supportive to attendance policy changes that may occur in future.

Timecheck will help any organisation or business, to optimise productivity of employees, by managing efficiently the documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls for multiple locations or worksites. Get more info about this effective employee attendance software enabled with GPS tech from our website. You can also request a demo.

Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees

Due to COVID-19, companies are having to enforce a work from home policy that will keep employees safe & also let organisation to continue working as normal. To manage such disruption and also to be prepared for any need in future, handle remote work force professionally HR managers must make sure they have a policy in place. For this HR Manager must assess their preparedness and then approve a remote-work request.

Attendance Management challenges shoots as companies are privileging employees to work remotely.  It’s a growing trend across companies for business continuity, to make this working at home a success, we have upgraded Timecheck attendance management software with Timesheet entry module. This feature enhancement to the software has helped handle the COVID-19, Pandemic situation.

Even in future, as the world prefers adopting remote work culture, companies started defining the clear WFH policies for various categories of employees.  Inline to this the need, Timecheck attendance software is upgraded with Timesheet entry module where projects and relevant task to the project will be available, individual can log the work details in the Timesheet for the approved WFH days alone. Respective manager’s / Department heads can review timesheet and approve work hrs attendance to the respective employee.

Monitoring of remote workers is key and for this organisation need to adopt time & attendance software that make sure work runs smoothly and they don’t have to spend time supervising. With automated attendance management solution, software companies can let employees to log the time they work, also record the work completed to avoid later issues with payroll.

This solution will enable you to handle employee’s request to work remotely and reduce overhead while boosting employee morale and loyalty. For more details on this Work from home attendance monitoring solution in Time & attendance software contact us.