Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees

Due to COVID-19, companies are having to enforce a work from home policy that will keep employees safe & also let organisation to continue working as normal. To manage such disruption and also to be prepared for any need in future, handle remote work force professionally HR managers must make sure they have a policy in place. For this HR Manager must assess their preparedness and then approve a remote-work request.

Attendance Management challenges shoots as companies are privileging employees to work remotely.  It’s a growing trend across companies for business continuity, to make this working at home a success, we have upgraded Timecheck attendance management software with Timesheet entry module. This feature enhancement to the software has helped handle the COVID-19, Pandemic situation.

Even in future, as the world prefers adopting remote work culture, companies started defining the clear WFH policies for various categories of employees.  Inline to this the need, Timecheck attendance software is upgraded with Timesheet entry module where projects and relevant task to the project will be available, individual can log the work details in the Timesheet for the approved WFH days alone. Respective manager’s / Department heads can review timesheet and approve work hrs attendance to the respective employee.

Monitoring of remote workers is key and for this organisation need to adopt time & attendance software that make sure work runs smoothly and they don’t have to spend time supervising. With automated attendance management solution, software companies can let employees to log the time they work, also record the work completed to avoid later issues with payroll.

This solution will enable you to handle employee’s request to work remotely and reduce overhead while boosting employee morale and loyalty. For more details on this Work from home attendance monitoring solution in Time & attendance software contact us.

Ways to Manage Remote Employee Attendance During the Covid Crisis

As lockdown continues over a moth for now due to Coronavirus many companies are implementing flexible work arran work-from-home adoption in many IT sector.  Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a huge task and so to ease attendance monitoring, to avoid time theft organisations must deploy a mobile enabled attendance management solution. This online attendance management software built with customized modern day remote workforce in mind will let the flexibility you seek for remote work.

With Mobile time and attendance tracking software companies can streamline & manage attendance effectively. It alerts managers on missed out shift-in persons & provides visibility on who is in at the moment. Especially when the workforce is large and dispersed enabling time and attendance automation through Mobile devices can let employees to self-register their shift in time with their smartphones from anywhere, besides with the Geo tagging option employers can monitor employees’ location, along with date and time stamps.

Also, contactless attendance systems based on iris or facial recognition may be embraced more broadly for attendance tracking in the wake of COVID-19. All these software solutions will cut down on errors from manual employee time tracking and helps payroll processing time when integrated with Payroll software. Whatever industry we have solutions to solve your unique problems and make work easy for you.

Ours is a highly flexible time management system that lets you to easily convert data into actionable, valuable information. A dedicated app built for the organisation will do the job easily for employees operating from different locations. It’s also scalable, as well as supportive to any attendance policy changes envisaged in future. To Get more info about this effective time and attendance software solutions leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.

Configure Custom Attendance Policy to increase productivity & improves profits

In an increasingly changing business environment we are all using technology to drive business benefits. Using time & attendance system allows organisations to configure attendance policies and report staff’s attendance data in real time, from varied sources. Even for managing your field service team, you might configure attendance the way you want it, also avail for location-based clock-ins.

Employee attendance reporting being customised in specific to each organisation allows users to instantly analyse staff’s clock in and clock out patterns, exceptions, review of their work schedules, shift coverage and much more. Accurate reporting on each employee attendance gives HR managers, department heads and employers a chance to watch attendance trend insights with respect to business decisions.

Considering today’s work from home options, shifts, flexible time, overtime, paid time off policies, etc., managing time, and cost can be overwhelming for employers, so configuring custom attendance policy is the only way to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real time. Inaccurate, records can cost your organization a lot of money and so manage it by investing in a highly reliable and secure attendance management solution accompanied with custom software.

Advantages of Custom Attendance Policy Configuration

  • Department head can Identify the employee who arrives in compliance to work on time, who is absent without proper reporting
  • Field employees can use their smartphone to mark their attendance online with exact time, location, photo, date and notes
  • Automated attendance reporting distributes each employee’s attendance reports to designated supervisors and managers
  • Multiple locations Time and attendance details can be collected from different work sites and integrated into one reporting system

For instance, to drive business benefits Organisations has to implement attendance reporting solution that allows you to manipulate the data and do forecast workloads, prevents costly overstaffing. To gain complete visibility with workforce analytics and reporting mechanisms Contact us.

Benefits of Mobile Time & Attendance App for Employee Time Management

We all live in the world where everything is constantly on the move. With the growth of technology, most companies’, government offices are tracking employee attendance using mobile time & attendance app. Without this robust attendance management software, the biggest challenge for organisations would be managing employee attendance. By installing this solution organisations can track employee’s attendance and departures from Android smartphone on the go.

Listed are the benefits of a mobile time and attendance app

Remote Attendance Monitoring

There are probably many advantages in managing workforce attendance using app, one major thing is field workers can punch in wherever they may be, and supervisors can monitor their locations and carry out attendance monitoring from a distance. A mobile time and attendance app helps supervise attendance in real-time, remove payroll errors and contribute to employee satisfaction.

Advanced Reporting

Entrepreneurs have access to track multiple attendance reports and even keep track of different shifts. Reports are organised & are sent to respective reporting persons as per schedule. This helps them to foresee absence & manage absence, control overtime labour costs, reduce compliance risk and improve productivity by either accepting or denying the employee absence request.

Employee Self-Service Portal

My calendar feature enables employees to review their shift in & out, run reports and get admin to edit time entries if any discrepancy occurs. They can check for their cumulative worked hours during the week, their remaining paid time off leave or level of sick absence taken to date.

Even a small organization can use this Smart attendance tracking system to save much of their time compared to old traditional methods of marking attendance.  To easily manage the attendance of a large number of employees in an office or company and Maximise your ROI contact us. We will offer industry-leading.

Solution to Simplify Time Tracking & Fix Absenteeism in the Workplace

Employers believe the phrase “You cannot improve what you don’t measure”. In today’s workplace its crucial for employers to fix absenteeism as the impact is certainly big enough. Studies state, Overtime covers about 47 percent of employee absences and co-workers are seeming to be 29.5 percent less productive while covering the work load for absent employees.

So to overcome this productivity use time and attendance monitoring system and calculate paid time off to control costs related to paid absences. Increase workforce productivity by installing time & attendance monitoring software that provides you the real-time insight to identify problem & take action.

Integrate Time tracking software & simplify significant administrative burden for the HR department. Analysis of the reports generated allows both HR managers and SME business owners to gauge efficiency and effectiveness. Even remote employees, contractors, and fieldworkers, all of which can be managed using Time check Software.

Key features to Reduce Employee Absenteeism Include:

  • Allowing employees to have control over their schedules, letting them with the liberty to select and swap shifts at short notice.
  • Flexible schedule work option is another viable option for decreasing employee absenteeism.
  • Employee self-service portal to view their shift in in and shift out reports helps them manage their own schedules and enables them to increase efficiency
  • Increase employee morale, by easy editing of timesheets with e-mail, text message, or push notification alert on the abnormal punch activity or discrepancy before submission for payroll

It is imperative for a business owner or manager to place an efficient attendance tracking system that will automate manual processes & allow HR managers to seamlessly manage employee, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. To monitor attendance, reduce absenteeism, manage any Hr leave policy contact us.

How does a time & attendance system add value to your business?

In today’s time HR managers face many challenges & to be successful they have to invest in technology that would benefit then in numerous ways. For example, investing in Time and Attendance System would let HR to save a substantial amount of time and effort.  To be cost effective Time and attendance software should go beyond just tracking employee clock-in and clock-out hours.

Businesses with Remote Workforce

With Timecheck Time & Attendance Management Software on premises HR managers can meetup the challenge in maintaining today’s workforce. Even businesses that have mobile employees can make use of geo technology in this mobile compatible application & log their attendance for tracking the exact locations where they start and end their shifts.

Businesses with Flexi time

In organisations where employers are paying their employees for the actual time they work, the biggest benefit with this time tracking system is the ability for a manager or supervisor to view outcomes of overtime, comp off works done & then either approve or deny. Employers by tracking early exist, late entry, consolidated work hrs shortage in real time can reduce payroll cost.

Businesses with Swift Rostering

The biggest benefit with this digital time tracking system is the feature to let employees handle many time-tracking tasks on their own. It removes some of the burdens that commonly get placed on HR departments for example doing swift rostering based on employee preference & business need. Helps eliminate administrative task.

If you want to replace your paper-based timesheets with appropriate attendance management software contact us. We will help you automate & centrally manage the attendance system as well keep you informed of blockages that have an impact on the organization’s performance and productivity.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Organisations around the world are quickly replacing outdated systems, going for modern attendance tracking with software driven biometric time & attendance systems, chiefly owing to the benefits of the versatile system.

Speeding Up The Clocking Process

This technology based system is an advanced tracking software which helps business in saving time in clocking and the money lost due to payroll discrepancies. The biometric fingerprint system benefits the employees in many ways. The employee benefits from the short time to it takes to scan the fingerprint and automatically log in, without any line-ups of employees, to slow down the process.

Prevents Time Theft & Payment Discrepancies

It also prevents time stealing and buddy punching, to encourage honest conduct. As time discrepancies are nullified, employees who have worked on statutory holidays, get their overtime payments accordingly and fairly. The biometric system also helps organisations to operate from different locations, over different industries thereby helping to streamline payment disbursement.

Use of Mobile Applications

The system can be adapted to be used via mobile applications, enabling time tracking of mobile employees on-the-go for work, using their smartphones or tablets. A dedicated app built for the organisation will do the job easily for employees operating from different locations.

Expandable Software System

The fingerprint attendance software integrated to the biometric attendance system is capable of handling multiple shifts and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace-time, break time, off-day, etc. This software system is also scalable, as well as supportive to attendance policy changes envisaged in future. The system will also support a self-service portal for employees’ use and for administrative ease.

Therefore, a software system such as TimeCheck will help any organisation, or business, to maximise productivity of employees and supporting payrolls of the organisation with multiple locations. Get more info about this effective time and attendance software solutions at our website (or) you can also request a demo. Please leave us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you.

Best Practices of Shift Swapping with Attendance Software

In some businesses and organisations workers take to shift swapping more often than not. It is a common practice found in restaurants and retail stores as employees have many reasons for shift swapping, which includes family mattes, medical or personal reasons. Shifts fall at any time of the day, or week, depending on the nature of the job and employees frequently seek help of co-workers to cover their shift time.

The Common Issue of Shift Swapping

This shift swapping can cause problems for either management or employees, or both. Sometimes an issue may arise, when there is no manager to approve the swap. Or by wrong communication an employee may think his/her shift has been covered. Without an efficient shift scheduling software, it is very difficult for an employee to find someone to shift swap. Managers may not find time in their busy schedule to take care of a shift swap. If the shift swap is recorded manually, it might be difficult to find who is accountable.

Accountability for Shift Swaps

The shift pattern software with the facility of shift swapping enables the employee to electronically make the shift swap. Concerned employees in the swap must be agreeable to the change to eliminate any further confusion. The software will bring this to the notice of the manager who only needs to click – OK, to approve it. If anyone misses the shift agreed in the swap, management has a trail to follow and know who is accountable.

Retrievable Records

A shift management software solution like TimeCheck enables employees to change their shifts and attend to other obligations. If the software is integrated to a mobile application, the employee can access the schedule from a smartphone to make shift changes and the management too can use a portable device for access. This is helpful in last minute emergencies, and everything is recorded for later reference.

A software such as TimeCheck will help any organisation or business to manage shift scheduling and changes for management and employees, by managing better the documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls of the organisation. The time and attendance software can also be hooked to a biometric shift management system. Get more information about our effective time and attendance software solutions at our website. You can may request a demo. Just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you.

Automate Attendance Monitoring to Cut Down the Hidden Cost of Manual Administration

Manual administration of time and attendance is getting obsolete in today’s digital technology driven market. Still following this can create many problems for HR, as working with spreadsheets are cumbersome and error prone. The amount of time and effort involved to solve discrepancies if any occurred relates to unseen cost. An ineffective manual processes will directly impact the bottom line / can contribute to employee frustration in the long run.

To overcome the above, invest in an automated attendance system software that empowers you to easily plan resource allocation and focus to boost the productivity of your staff. When you use a time and attendance management software that matches the specific needs of your business you could witness exceptions and easily keep track of shift swaps. Through the use of mobile based time and attendance software you can remain free from the tedious task at the same time keep records of accurate & reliable data centralised, such that you get the required data in your finger tip with just a single click.

With employee time and attendance software being integrated HR managers could gain real time data, total transparency required to analyse on better ways to increase productivity. In particular, the software not only saves cost associated with time for administration, but also supports save money by providing data clarity on high absence rates, long breaks, unusual trends in overtime, missed punches, employees working outside of their assigned shifts that affect productivity.

To enable faster processing, cut down hidden cost with real-time visibility into employee hours you utilize time and attendance data reports generated from the time and attendance software. For more information on any other specific HR policy that TimeCheck has to propose, feel free to contact us.

Install Attendance Management Software To Handle Any Flexible Attendance & Leave Policies

Business organisations have to develop attendance policies that can accommodate different HR policies of organisation that operates from different locations and in different industries. The task becomes a challenge when the organisation has to accommodate the policies of every location and managing the attendance data of all employees on a centralised level.

The HR/Admin of the organisation or business can overcome this issue easily by a solution (comprehensive policy) configured to manage multiple attendance policies. A software-based time and attendance management system can make this process easy, without requiring manual intervention.

Attendance Management System Simplifies Handling Any Types of Policy Industry Face

The time attendance system software hooked to a biometric attendance system will be capable of handling multiple shift and shift schedules, along with related elements like grace time, break time, off-day, etc.

Shifts and Schedules Policy

  • Resolving overtime and date rollover issues related to the night shifts.
  • Auto shift correction to assign shifts automatically, based on the employee’s punch in/out details, even in a different shift.
  • Managing continuous shifts and attendance of employees working on simultaneous shifts even over and above their regular shifts as overtime.

Late-In, Early-Out Policy

The policy can be assigned to each employee or a group of employees, which will be tracked by the system for late-in and early-out entries, based on the employees shifts.

Absenteeism Policy

The software allows the HR to define policies for weekly off, or holidays and set up the limit for absent employees to be blocked.

Overtime Policy

The time and attendance software solution can help the HR to calculate overtime of employees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with authorisation or rejection powers assigned to reporting officers. The policy should also handle the presenters, when present beyond the allocated time, even when not required.

Leave Policies

By framing leave policies, the HR can define the different types of leave applicable, the accumulation rules, the automatic leave credit and leave balance rules. It can be handled by the software’s Self Service portal for employees.

TimeCheck is a software that allows any organisation or business to maximise productivity of employees, by managing documentation, timesheets and supporting payrolls efficiently. The time and attendance software is accessible simultaneously from many locations and scalable to meet future needs. Get more info about this effective solution at our website. You can ask for a demo or leave us an enquiry too.